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Professional Business Email Hosting

Designed with business owners in mind, Tight Line’s Hosted Exchange email solutions enables you to create email addresses suited to your web domain, giving you a much preferred, professional presence over free email platforms.

In addition to being able to create email boxes for your employees, Tight Line offers spam and virus filters to strengthen security and preserve effective communications to your internal and external audiences.

  • Capacity

    Each email user receives up to 50GB of storage and can send messages up to 150MB in size.

  • Outlook Support

    Email users can connect to the email client of their choice, enabling them to use the application they are already familiar with.

  • Access Anywhere

    Web based access allows users to send & receive email across multiple devices (Smartphone, desktop or laptop)…anywhere an internet connection exists.

  • Security

    Every mailbox is secured with anti-malware and anti-spam protection.

  • In-place Archiving

    Maintain a clean and efficient In Box by moving older messages to the archive.

  • Shared Calendars & Groups

    Coworkers can share calendars for scheduling and collaborate with each other using Office 365 Groups to leverage team efforts, building upon each other’s expertise.

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