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Dozens of concrete Coating Companies partner with SMP to get their Digital Marketing right and increase their presence on the web. From custom website design optimized for your Concrete Coating company, search engine optimization, digital marketing, advertising and inhouse video production.

Struggling to Stand Out in a Crowded Market?

Your concrete coating company delivers high-quality workmanship, transforming dull and weathered concrete into beautiful, durable floors. But, generating new business in this competitive market is no easy task, is it?

Where are your leads coming from? Picture this: Joe’s Concrete Coatings has a well-oiled operation, but their online presence is nearly invisible. Their website looks like it’s stuck in the ‘90s, doesn’t reflect the quality of their work, and gets lost in the abyss of Google search results (are people even finding them?). They tried their hand at digital ads but only ended up with a hefty bill and a trickle of poorly targeted leads. Sound familiar?

Meet Surface Marketing Pros. Our secret weapon? Expertise and experience growing concrete companies just like Joe’s. Not just an agency, we are a your business partner – specializing in driving online traffic, multiply your leads, and free up your time. So you can focus on what you do best – delivering kick-ass concrete coatings.

Why Us

Proven Success, Custom Approach

Everything you need to reach new customers. From website design, to search optimization, advertising and media production. We are expert digital marketing agency, with many years of experience in the concrete coating marketing industry

Industry Expertise

We’ve got the digital marketing chops and an unquenchable thirst for growth and learning, but our secret sauce? Hands-on experience in growing concrete coating businesses just like yours. We’ve been there, done that, and ready to do it again for you.

Partner, Not an Agency

We’re not just your marketing agency, we’re your partner. We’re always here for you, ready to roll up our sleeves and dive deep into your unique challenges and goals. Your wins are our wins – so let’s seal your success together.

Our Process & Services

Path towards Growth & Success

Online Visibility

Organic, Local SEO Strategy for Concrete Coatings

Show up #1 in search with our proven, constantly improving local SEO strategy for concrete coating companies just like yours. Watch us relentlessly optimize, create high quality lead generating content with regular SEO reports for your concrete coating website.

Lead Generation

PPC & Advertising your 1-Day Garage Floors

Accelerate your lead flow with our tailored PPC and advertising strategies for your 1-day garage floors. We’ll place you front and center of potential customers, turning clicks into quality leads. Sit back and enjoy the ride as your conversion rates take off.

Web Design

Powerful, Fast & Unique Website for Your Company

Stand out from the crowd with a fast, unique, and powerful website tailor-made for your concrete coating company. Our web design team goes beyond aesthetics, crafting an engaging digital space that’s optimized for user experience and lead conversion. Get ready to impress!

Online Review Management

Be the Best Rated Concrete Coating Business Around

Step into the limelight as the top-rated floor refinishing contractor. Our online review management helps you cultivate positive customer feedback and addresses any hiccups along the way. Let’s work together to showcase your exceptional concrete coatings services while we help position your company as the one that can be trusted in your local market.

Analytics, Support & Maintenance

Comprehensive Reports and All the Support You Need

Stay ahead of the game with our comprehensive analytics, dedicated support, and regular maintenance. We dive deep into the data to keep your online strategies sharp, your website running smoothly, and provide all the support you need. Rest easy knowing we’ve got your back.

New site visitors from organic search since partnering with Surface Marketing Pros
Website showing in Google Search since partnering with Surface Marketing Pros

Our Case Studies in the Csoncrete Coating Industry

We kind of fumbled on our own for the first year until we came to you guys… I didn’t know anything about doing commercials. I’m a one-stop shop kind of guy. So, once I found out what you guys were all about, it was an easy transition to Surface Marketing Pros doing the website. And a lot of the other digital marketing stuff. We had to build a market down here; thank god for you guys – because it’s been great working with you.

Mark Huseman

AmVet Concrete Coatings

We were navigating through the initial stages somewhat blindly, trying to find our footing in the concrete coatings industry. Our focus has always been on delivering quality, being that reliable one-stop solution for our clients. When we realized the potential of partnering with a team that shares our vision and commitment to quality, it was almost like a revelation.

Discovering you guys, understanding the depth of your expertise not just in products but in steering the market dynamics, it was a no-brainer to bring you on board for our digital marketing needs. Your team has been nothing short of phenomenal, helping us carve out a significant space in the market with a robust online presence and strategic marketing moves.

Your unwavering support and the collaborative spirit have not just helped us build a market here but fostered a partnership that we genuinely value. It’s been a remarkable journey with you guys, and we are excited for the many milestones we are yet to achieve together.

Jay Bryant

XANO521 Concrete Coatings

I really like the new website a lot! I think it is definitely a facelift from what we used to have. Also, Reviews are very important; when I look at services, I look at reviews first.

Andrea Crow

Apex Concrete Coatings

Mark, I had a client that was very impressed with my website. In fact the website was a deciding factor in me getting the job. You guys rock!!

Brad Thomas

MadJack Concrete Coatings

Surface to Success

With Surface Marketing Pros

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