Expanding Your Small Business Brand In 2015

Small businesses have always been faced with challenges in regard to advertising and promoting their products and services. This is because they operate in a competitive market that has big, established brands. Furthermore, they are also forced to deal with price pressures since they are competing with brands that have established advertising muscle. With the […]

Why Your Social Media Marketing Hasn’t Taken Off

Getting attention for your business through social media with an aim of increasing visitors and sales is better known as social media marketing. Today’s business world is dominated by the internet which of course, makes this marketing strategy mandatory for every enterprise with success on their radar. If you are skeptical, some information on how Melbourne […]

Mobile SEO: How Can It Affect Your Business?

The technological revolution is still with us. The world has moved from bulky desktop equipment to mobile equipment when it comes to internet access. What this means is that more people in the world that access the internet do so from mobile devices like smart phones and mobile pads as opposed to desktop computers and […]

An Overview of Twitter IPO Impact on Businesses and Social Media

If you own a website, it’s quite certain that you have explored all the necessary SEO skills that will ensure that the site is ranked top in search engine hits. One way to improve your web presence is by making use of social signals tools such as Twitter and Facebook. In the recent times, we […]

Instagram Video: Is Vine Dead?

On June 20th, 2013, Instagram and Facebook announced the introduction of video feature on Instagram. With the new feature, Instagram users can now record, edit, as well as share fifteen second video clips. The announcement signaled a huge blow to Vine, which is Twitter’s version of video sharing, which was launched in January and June […]