SEO: Website Redesigning Done The Right Way

In today’s exceptionally competitive online world with an ever growing number of websites appearing in virtually every market, things are certainly much more challenging than they once were. Looking at this development combined with the comprehensive changes to the way Google ranks sites in this new era of SEO, it quickly becomes clear that in […]

Speeding Up Your WordPress Website

WordPress has emerged as a very popular platform to create powerful websites. This platform can be used very easily by all website owners. Some people may want to speed up their WordPress sites, and reduce load times. There are many benefits that people can get by improving the page speed on their sites. High speed […]

5 Signs Your Website Is Outdated

A website is every business’s digital storefront where good websites help build your credibility and establish a strong presence in the marketplace. However outdated websites only end up driving customers elsewhere as customers consider businesses having outdated websites deal with outdated services or products. Your website design Melbourne FL should always look attractive to customers. Below […]

Website Load Times: Is Your Website Loading Fast Enough?

Google uses a wide variety of factors when determining how to rank search engine results. Typically, these factors are related to the authenticity of the website itself or are related to the content of the website. However, in 2012, Google announced that the loading speed of a website would begin to be taken into account […]

Top Elements Of An Interactive Website Design

Web pages can include a wide variety of interactive elements that can beautify a website and make it more appealing to the viewers. Since more and more business owners are using their websites to promote their company, they should leave a good impression on their websites’ visitors the moment they land on the site. A […]

Benefits Of A Content Management System

Content Management Systems (CMS)  like WordPress are taking the world by storm. Currently, it’s the most famous software on the market and many non-bogging websites prefer using Content Management Software. Examples of these websites include Yahoo, eBay, Ford, Digg, Wall Street Journal, Sony, People Magazine, Samsung, Playstation and NYTimes. Below are reasons  why you should […]

Five Important Guidelines To Simplify Your Web Design Process

A simple website design has to do a lot with giving more focus to the essential elements required in a web site and doing away with unnecessary graphics and color combinations and unwanted web pages. By following certain guidelines, one would be able to achieve simplicity in web design. If you have been looking for […]

Website Hosting: Are You Choosing The Right Host?

As the number of people shifting their daily activities to the web increases, more people are choosing to build their own websites. There are numerous reasons to construct one, but regardless of your intention, you will find that it’s important to educate yourself about web hosting and how it affects your Melbourne, Florida web design. […]