Utilizing Instagram For Your Business


The most commonly known and used social media websites are Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest to mention just a few. These specific social media websites are highly popular and have a huge number of users. Even though this media websites are considered to be the most used, there is also Instagram, another social media website that came out of the woodwork with very little warning.

It was like one minute most people had never even heard about Instagram and the next minute everyone was using it. You can utilize Instagram, just like those other social media platforms for your Melbourne, Florida social media.

Most people today still don’t understand the use and benefits of Instagram. They consider it to be mainly a photo sharing service but due to filters, specified focussing and various options implemented, people are gradually starting to change their view of Instagram.

The Power of Instagram

Instagram can be used for both personal and business purposes though the utilisation of Instagram for business oriented agenda’s is still fairly new to the field of social media website marketing. Most companies today realise that the growing popularity of Instagram can be used to their advantage. These ways include;

Growing Customer Base

Despite the fact that most people still view Instagram as a new concept, this is actually not accurate. Instagram has been around for almost 2 years. When it first came out, Instagram was simply an application found in iPhones. It had fairly limited reach. Since then, Instagram has come a long way. It now boasts more than 80 million users and on top of that a $ 1 billion purchase by Facebook. The wide acceptance and use of Instagram put together with the fact that it is owned by a social media power house such as Facebook, provides businesses with the market field through which they can reach current and potential customers.

Business Visual Branding

When businesses institute the use of Instagram, they enable themselves to share pictures that will help customers identify with them. Let’s say one owns a bakery, through Instagram they can share photos of the various types of cakes and baked goods available. Such kind of photos will draw in more customers and serve to retain the current ones. A photo says a thousand words and this fact is crucial to business success. Humans are visual creatures and because of that, customers will always want to see what is being offered to them.

Business Promotional Tool

For a business to succeed, it must advertise and promote itself. Nearly all advertisements and promotions require some kind of visual aid. Instagram provides these visual aids. It is easy to use and with its integration into facebook, Instagram provides the best visual aids or and tools for promotion and advertisement. Through Instagram, companies can utilise photographs in their promotions which in turn will result in customers feeling more engaged with the business itself.

If a company wishes to further engage their customers, they can use Instagram to give them some kind of a behind the scenes look of the business. Companies can also send out pictures of upcoming product launches, recipes or simply anything that through a picture a story can be told.

The power of Instagram in business is highly significant and most business that are currently using it can attest to its effectiveness.

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