3 Important Video Production Elements For Your Marketing


Digital marketing is now more mainstream than ever, and that is one more reason to embrace video marketing.

Before you go on with your strategy, or if you’re already implementing one, it’s important to read through and understand the following elements that may help you. Video production in Melbourne Fl can have a significant effect on your marketing success.

Set your goals and expectations

It is one thing to think of your brand as the most preferred in your industry, and another to actually know the numbers that will take it there. With video production, as part of your marketing activities, you have to set a clear goal of the kind of response you are expecting to generate from the public.

Once you have this, you can then make projections based on the performance of other similar fetes, as well as the underlying numbers of people that are actually in a position to see the video.

It’s only after you know the exact possibilities of actions, responses and reactions that you can go ahead to state your expectations. This procedure of arriving at expectations lets you avoid spending too much money or time on wrong targets, or placing too much emphasis on the video without the supporting strategies to realize your goals. The good thing with starting with goals and expectations is that you can always refine them as you get feedback.

According to Invodo, 188.7 million people in the US watched 46 billion online content videos in September 2013. The average American spent more than 20 hours watching online video.

Implement a call to action

The second most important tip is to tell viewers what you want them to do, or at least what the logical thing for them to do next. The attention that your video gets from the people, who watch it even for a second, is precious. Including a call to action naturally progresses the viewer from an onlooker into a participant in the story that your video tells.

Your call to action could be a request to contact you, or a reinforcement of the purchase decision. It could also be that you want the viewer to share the video, and spread the word. Since this is a critical moment on the video, try not to complicate it. It’s best to have one or two calls-to-action only.

You would not want your viewer to have a decision paralysis due to many choices. Again, you want the call-to-action message to reinforce what the video is about, because that idea is easy to sell, compared to the option of introducing a new idea in your call-to-action that was not captured well in the rest of the video.

Focus on being creative!

Unique things tend to attract more attention that the obvious, at the same time, people associate most with what they are already familiar with. In this regard, you need to know your audience and pick a delivery channel that best blends with their expectations. You could go with branded entertainment, promo, web series or product videos, as long as it fits the audience.

The next part would then be to create value. Use your creativity to make the video useful, it can conjure feelings, stir controversy to gain media attention, become viral, or even compel people to change their way of doing things. The key here is to focus on the feelings and actions of viewers immediately after they are through with the video.

These are just samples of many tips that help you create great video productions for your brand. Following these three video production elements can go a long way to significantly improve your brand success.

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