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WordPress Core Updates
Daily/Weekly Backups
Backup Audit
Security Monitoring

Why Is Website Maintenance So Important?

You’ve no doubt had to upgrade to the newest version of software applications like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, and iOS. Why? Because each new version adds features, fixes security issues, and keeps your apps from becoming laggy. Websites work the same way. WordPress regularly comes out with new versions. If you don’t update your website to the latest version it will become susceptible to hackers and security breaches, it won’t load as quickly, and its SEO (search engine optimization) will likely decline.

Not only is it important to maintain the overall health of your website, you also need to upgrade your site’s plugins and extensions. These enable features on your website like a video player, photo gallery, slideshow, social media feed and more. Plugins and extensions expire regularly, so they need to be updated and tested to make sure the new versions are compatible with other components of your website. Failing to update these mini-extensions can open the door for hackers. It can also cause certain functionalities, like a video or photo gallery on your site, to stop working or displaying.

Truth be told, staying on top of maintaining every aspect of your site can take a lot of time and work. It can also be challenging if you’re not tech-savvy or don’t have coding experience. That’s why we’ve created a WordPress Website Care Plan, so you can focus on your business without worrying about the functionality and security of your website.


WordPress Core Updates

Keeping WordPress update to the most current version ensures all security fixes are applied.

Plugin Updates

Weekly plugin updates applied as required. Keeping your plugins updated to the newest versions reduces the chance that an intruder can compromise your website.

Theme Updates

Update to the newest version of theme + framework, whenever available.

Daily/Weekly Backups

Daily database backups and weekly full backups of your site will be uploaded to our Cloud server.

Database Optimization

Perform weekly database maintenance — repair + optimize SQL tables for better performance and stability.

Security Monitoring

Weekly security scans performed for integrity check.

Uptime Monitoring

Ensure website has 99.99% uptime via our server/website uptime monitor software.

Analytics & Search Ranking

Track how many visitors your site is getting, how people are browsing and so much more insightful data.

Get a Website Care Plan

Your WordPress website is up and running, so your work is done, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy! Websites require care and maintenance to keep them running smoothly and help them stay secure. Having your WordPress site monitored and updated can also keep you from running into costly repairs should your site “crash.”

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