4 Guidelines To Help You Grow Your Business With Twitter


Ever since Twitter was founded in 2006, a lot has changed in both business and social media. Getting on Twitter for any business is easy, but finding the right keys that yield business prosperity of Twitter take time and dedication as well as knowledge.

Twitter works as a tool for sharing what you know and learning from others. This means that if you are opting to have Twitter as one of your business tools, then you need to furnish your followers with new ideas, information and services.

You can use Twitter for marketing your business and as a customer service outreach. To do these things effectively, you need to follow the following guidelines to enhance your Melbourne, Florida social media practices.

Define your purpose and goals

Come up with reasons that make you use Twitter and the influence you would like the social media services to have on your business. It could be that you want to drive traffic to your website, or to use it as a way for your business to find clients, employees and get some market intelligence to enhance its competitive strategy.

Have the right people handling your account

Your Twitter username will be the official image of your business and you need to guard it from any misuse. Remember anything coming out of the business through the handle is public. Have someone who knows the real issues of your business handling the profile. Ensure that the person is a good listener and has enough knowledge about social media, the market and your business. In addition, it is wise to use real names of the people who handle the account to build trust. Use the Twitter background and the username to create a brand identity for your business.

Create the right association

You might have to follow all your customers and anyone interested in your brand, but not all these people will have something good to share. Use Twitter lists to filter spammers and the not-so-attractive users. On the other hand, you ought to find connectors. Use the search feature and browse through people’s profiles to find those who already command attention of others, and then connect to them. If they speak to you on Twitter, they will create an authority buzz around your business on Twitter and this will be the social proof you need to gain more followers, admiration and eventually clients.

Use third-party apps to boost your consistency

Be committed and consistent in your use of Twitter. Just like advertisement psychology, people need to know that you are present and listening to them. You never know when someone will want to engage with your business, but you can create the right environment parameters for him or her to do so, by being consistent and always present. Taking part in social causes on Twitter, such as re-tweeting campaign messages creates a sense of reciprocity that works like magic on Twitter.

Use it to make other Twitter users and business like you. Several third-party apps allow you to make automatic messages in response to certain triggers that you define. They also let you schedule tweets so that you do have to physically log in to send an update.

In the end, your strategy on Twitter will differ based on the intricate details that affect and define your business. Overall, you will need reciprocity, commitment and consistency as well as authority. Talk to a professional at Tight Line Productions to get you on the right track.