4 Local SEO Myth You Should Know About


The demand for SEO or we should say optimization is increasing day by day. Many companies have started realizing the significance of having an optimized business website and how they can benefit from SEO strategies.

SEO can not only boost your online presence and search engine ranking, but also helps in multiplying the overall revenue of the business.

Thus, understanding the businesses’ needs is important to rank high and built a better market position. Capturing bigger market simply means getting high leads, not occasionally but regularly.

A professional Melbourne Fl SEO company can actually help you keep your business over and above your competitors in the market.

But, if you’re trying to accomplish the goals yourself or hire a novice, there are myths that you may have come across in your SEO planning.

You Must Have Your Keyword In Domain Name

A lot of people would have told you to get a domain name with most relevant keywords intact. Those who are not familiar with SEO might think is the right approach. It should be noted that to rank high on local search results, having the keyword embedded on the domain name is more relevant and useful than regular keyword search.

Additionally, it should be notable that an established business, half of the traffic is likely to come through brand name searches, so the best approach is to use your brand or company’s name in the domain name.

Social Media is Useless For Business

The fact that SEO and social media are completely integrated cannot be neglected. Social search not only ensures good ranking on popular search engines, but also encourages heavy direct traffic to the site from referral links. Moreover, social sites are evolving and soon everything will get interconnected to each other, bringing in more opportunities for businesses looking to create a strong online presence.

We Need A Separate Listing For Each Of The Cities In Our Area!

Google does give a certain degree of preference to companies physically located in the city of their operation while suggesting search results. But, it cannot be regarded as a strong factor. With right online marketing strategies, the businesses can easily attain good rank in multiple cities without having any physical location and listing for each.

We Don’t Need To Optimize For Mobile For Our Type Of Business

If you still consider this myth a fact, then you are far behind understanding the evolving nature of SEO and online marketing. In the last five years, internet usage on mobile phone has increased to a great extent. Today, from a school going kid to a multinational company’s chairman, everyone prefers using their handy mobile device to surf the net on the go.

According to statistics, around 40% of the time spent on the internet is on mobile devices now, and the percentage is increasing at a rapid speed. So, make sure you ask your developer to make a optimal site for all kinds of devices. Google has also stated that failure to optimize the site for mobile viewing can tremendously impact the rankings as well.

If you’re a victim of any of these myths, it’s time you let them go! it is very important to keep yourself updated with latest technology and make constant efforts to bring necessary changes in your online establishments to keep up with the pace. A professional and experienced SEO firm can resolve all your doubts and help you make right decisions.

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