5 Reasons To Stay Away From DIY Websites

Avoid DIY Websites

On the face of it, there seem to be advantages in using a DIY website builders. By using these free tools, you may feel that you can save your business money.

However, sites made like this can end up costing you a lot more than you might think.

Melbourne Fl web design professionals are easily available, and your company will benefit from using them. The following outlines why you should stay well away from DIY websites:

Bland/Dull Designs

There is no point in setting up a new website if nobody visits it, but that is the fate you can expect if you use a DIY site builder tool. The templates these programs use have not been designed by people who understand the importance of SEO in every aspect of your online strategy, and that will have serious knock-on effects.

Nobody is interested in browsing a cookie-cutter site; many of your prospective customers will take one look and move on. Many more won’t find your site in the first place, because the poor optimization a DIY website generally uses will severely harm it when it comes to those all-important Google rankings.

Lack Of Customization Options

Most DIY site builders boast that they come complete with hundreds of themes and pre-made designs. The problem here is that all your competitors will have access to the same designs – and if you think one style looks good, they probably will, too. You risk ending up with a website that doesn’t stand out from the crowd – and in today’s digital marketplace, that could be the kiss of death for your business.

If you hire a professional website designer, you’ll be able to specify exactly what you’re looking for and the result will be a website that looks distinctive and attractive.

Waste Of Time

Everyone knows that time is money – so why spend yours struggling with a DIY tool? No matter how easy to use the builder may claim to be, the truth is that you’ll probably end up spending hours just getting it to work the way you want to. That time would be much better spent running your company. You wouldn’t take your car to a plumber to get it fixed: you’d take it to an auto repair center.

The same applies here: the best web design is carried out by dedicated professionals. Basic/local web design services are easily available at very reasonable rates. You definitely want your website to stand out from the rest of the field, as it represents you and your company.

Lack Of Specialist Guidance

If you use a professional web designer, you will get plenty of specialist, targeted advice about how you can make your site as attractive as possible. This sort of thing is worth its weight in gold, and will quickly cover the cost of the designer’s fees. With DIY website builders, you’re on your own. You’d also lose the massive advantage of having someone unconnected with your company giving an honest outside opinion on your proposed content.

It’s then all too easy to use poor-quality, unprofessional-looking images, or to let your head be turned by zippy flash graphics. Remember, Flash is a terrible choice when it comes to SEO, because Google is not Flash-friendly.

Awkward Branding

You want your website to be about your own business – nobody else’s. With DIY site builders such as Wix, not only will you have to use generic templates, you’ll also have to share your branding. With some providers, that means living with just a subdomain rather than a proper domain name; with others, you may be required to carry ads for the builder at the foot of the page.

That’s about as bad as it gets: it dilutes your brand, makes you look amateurish, and has severely negative SEO effects. Go to a professional web design company and everything will be tailored for you and you only.

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