5 Signs Your Website Is Outdated


A website is every business’s digital storefront where good websites help build your credibility and establish a strong presence in the marketplace.

However outdated websites only end up driving customers elsewhere as customers consider businesses having outdated websites deal with outdated services or products.

Your website design Melbourne FL should always look attractive to customers. Below is a list of  the common 5 signs that indicate your website is outdated and needs a touch-up.

Outdated images and homepage

Old sites used unique pages that took precious minutes to load, which today makes customers leave and proves a nuisance to returning visitors. Your site is outdated if its content is contained in images as it is unreadable by both visitors and search engines. So make sure your important content is displayed as text on pages and not within images.

Moreover, if your site is made entirely from flash, you definitely need a website redesign as flash sites die quickly. Flash is not good for your website’s search rankings and does not work on mobile devices which include Apple’s famous iPhone and iPad.

Static website content

The present best websites thrive because of the current and timely information they provide to their consumers using a content management system (CMS) or company blog. So your website is viewed as outdated if it has static content.

Instead, you should be able to easily update your website with information about your business, press releases or company news which is best done using a CMS. In fact, studies prove that websites having blogs can bring you 55% more visitors.

Extra font styles and colors

Consistency is important in a website as it helps build your company’s brand. Having more than three font styles and colours on the site only confuses your consumers. In fact, if your website has Comic Sans or Papyrus fonts, it’s advisable to seek help immediately.

Absence of social sites and calls to action

With YouTube today being the second most popular search engine and 3rd most visited site in the world, and Facebook having more than 800 million active users, your website definitely should integrate social sites for increased online visibility and popularity. Its absence proves your website is outdated, and is detrimental to your business.

Moreover, remember that websites are meant to be informational and should have clear goals that help create leads and sell products. All this is possible only if your goals have obvious calls to action.

Resolution of the page

The websites built a few years ago were meant for smaller screen resolutions, which may today look small on your monitor. This is because today’s wide-screen and high-resolution monitors only make your old websites look tiny.

In addition to this, your site should be optimized for use on smartphones and mobile devices, which is not possible through outdated websites. This is important as sources estimate that most people will access the web through mobile devices than a laptop or PC by 2015.

Remember that a website’s lifespan is only for about 3-5 years; and if you don’t redesign your site with regular updates, technology quickly passes you wherein you risk losing valuable consumers.

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