5 Types Of Videos That Can Benefit Your Company


Many people understand how valuable a strong web presence can be to your business. Web videos, if utilized properly, can be a no-brainer for your company. Our Melbourne, Fl video production staff can put together a dazzling, dynamic video custom tailored to your business. Below is some of the types of videos that business owners use to their advantage.

  • Company Overview/Identity: These videos work for numerous reasons. They customize your company, educate the viewers what kind of things you offer, and build trust. A compelling identity video like this might just be what you need to turn leads into prospects.
  • Client Testimonials: Client testimonials clients are essential in building confidence and trust with your customer base. Having video testimonials of past clients using your product is a great tool to utilize. After-all, word of mouth is the #1 form of advertising.
  • Product Launch: You’ll see the larger Fortune 500 companies take this route when they need to create “buzz” for a new product. We saw in the Superbowl when Budweiser launched their new Black Crown beer. A product launch video is a great way to engage customers on why they should try your product or service out.
  • How-To: An instructional, or how-to video not only saves you time and resources from answering potential client questions, but it’s also a great way to promote your products/services and educate viewers at the same time.
  • Informational: An informational video is exactly what it sounds like — a video that describes a product details, features. Many companies uses celebrity endorsements to catch your attention when conducting these kinds of videos.

Here is Tight Line Productions SEO video, which can be categorized in multiple categories discussed above.

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