5 Ways To Dominate Local Search


A good ranking in local search results is absolutely key for a small business to keep pace with competitors.

As mobile devices continue to take over searches, items of local interest are increasingly displayed on search engine result pages (SERPS).

1 out of every 3 searches performed today is a local search which means local businesses’ sites should be optimized for local searches to attract potential customers.

The following 5 tips could help your business’ site to dominate Melbourne FL SEO results:

Get a Google+ local page

One of the surest ways for a business to improve its local search rankings is to get a Google+ local page. It is essential to include as much information as possible in your profile as this makes it easy for searchers to find and share information about your business.

Nothing at all should be overlooked when filling your profile; opening hours for example are one of the criteria used by Google, ranking links depending on the time when the search is conducted. Also ensure you check all categories that relate to your business as these give more information as to the nature of your services.

Another important strategy is to add a Google Local Listing Map to your website. This enables Google+ Local to link your Local Business Listing to your website.

Encourage Customers to review your service

Businesses that get lots of customer reviews on the internet tend to rank highly on search results. Business owners should make it easy for customers to leave reviews by providing a link where they can do it and encouraging them to leave an honest review. It is absolutely important that one avails a Google+ local page for customer reviews.

Reviews on other sites such as Yelp and Yell are also helpful. That said however it is important to ensure reviews are 100% genuine since Google could penalize you for posting fake reviews.

Provide accurate and consistent NAP

NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone. It is essential to include your NAP information on your website, social media and other platforms. It is also critical that you ensure this data is updated and consistent across all sites where it appears, otherwise your site may rank poorly or fail to be listed in your locality.

For example providing your local phone number on your website but listing your toll-free number in your business listings hurts your rankings. Another common mistake is businesses failing to update their contact information on their site once this has changed.


The amount of citations a business has is an indicator of how often people talk about it and in extension how popular the brand is. More citations found mean that your site will be indexed higher in the search rankings. Citations can be created by using groups, forums and social network sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Yelp among others.

Make your site stand out

Your site should be aesthetically sound, information packed and highly functional in order to provide a great user experience. It should contain as much local content as possible. Maintaining a local blog on the site may also go a long way in connecting with potential clientele and helps to get the site indexed higher by search engines. High quality backlinks especially from local websites is also a great way to increase local search engine rankings.

SEO even at the local level is a complex task and it is advisable to have a professional handle it. Call the experts at Tight Line Productions to enhance your online visibility — we have a proven track record.

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