Blogging: Why You Should Be Doing It


Blogging first appeared during the late 1990s, just a few years after the internet became a mainstream commodity. Over the years it grew into an important platform for marketing by individuals and businesses.

Today, it is used by millions across the world for various ends ranging from self expression to marketing, yet it has not remained unscathed by the onslaught from social media growth over the last decade.

Blogging has emerged as a tremendous tool and as a result, there has been a drastic increase in websites being built in CMS platforms such as WordPress. Many companies don’t understand that blogging still has a place in their advertisement strategy and choose to either ignore it or relegate it to the periphery.

The following are some of the reasons marketers should incorporate blogging into your Melbourne Fl website design.

The main reason why marketers set up websites is to increase their visibility to potential consumers through SEO (search engine optimization). Recent Google updates have made search result ranking more biased towards websites with regularly updated and helpful information.

Regular blogging on new and relevant content helps to achieve this and therefore improves a website’s visibility. Additionally, a blog with a wider range of relevant and interesting content helps to cover a broader base of search queries. This is instrumental in drawing new visitors to the website.

A well managed company blog increases the number of inbound links on a company’s website. Inbound links help in drawing traffic to the website as well as increasing the time spent by visitors on the site. Guest blogging, which involves posting a blog on another company’s website is mutually beneficial to the host website as well as the guest blogger. It helps to win backlinks for the posting brand and increases content for the host, resulting in greater traffic to both websites.

Fresh content keeps visitors flocking to the website. With nothing new to see on a website the number of regular visitors is likely to wane over time. Often, keeping the main part of the website covered with new information can be challenging. A blog provides an avenue to add new content which draws visitors back to the website.

Maintaining a well run blog on the website helps to establish the owner as a reputable authority in their chosen fields. Readers will increasingly turn to the blog for expert opinion on concerned topics. Questions from readers will further drive content delivery. This aids the brand to maintain a lasting connection with the blog readers. Often such readers become engaged with the brand’s product as customers which is usually every company’s aim.

Creating a website and running a blog does not have to be hard or expensive. As long as they have time, anyone can start and run a blog. A little help from professionals however is required at the start and during the course of the project to maintain your website and blog.

If you or your company intends to start a blog on your website, Tight Line Productions can help to set it up for you. Tight Line runs web design Melbourne FL services as well as a host of other advertising services.

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