Color Is Content

Color Is Content

Color is Content

Colors surround us, and their effects are often subtle, yet undeniable. They impact our emotions, sending subliminal messages that can speak volumes to our senses. Designers, advertising professionals and even blog writers attempt to understand and use the natural psychology of color to their advantage in getting a message across.

Color and Recognizability

To demonstrate the power color can have on branding, let’s first look at this collection of competing brand logos whose color schemes have been deliberately swapped to illustrate the importance of color in brand recognition.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

If in viewing the examples above in Oetting’s article you felt a certain “discomfort,” that was your brain telling you something’s not right with what you were seeing. The colors in the familiar brands featured are so ingrained that we actually can feel a physiological response when they aren’t correct.

Clients often ask why a designer will recommend using a color palette different from what the client initially specified. The reason is simply, psychology.

Designers are sufficiently versed in the psychology of color. Clients may not be. Certain colors can invoke particular emotions. A good agency or designer will harness this principle and incorporate e-mo-t-i-o-n into the feel of a design. Large corporations have become expert in following this guidance. Take a look at the color emotion guide below. This infographic published by The Logo Company, a logo design firm, helps associate specific emotions with color while illustrating real world examples.

How Does Your Logo Make You Feel?

So take a look at your logo.. or more appropriately, the color scheme within your logo. What feelings does it evoke? You may be too emotionally attached to render an objective opinion. If so, give it to 4-5 people and get their opinion. Then call your agency or designer for a potential makeover if necessary. You might just be amazed.

At the risk of being self-gratuitous, let’s look at the color scheme of a recently developed logo & website produced by your Melbourne Florida web designer.

Dependable ‘ol Blue

Cassels Garage had been in existence since the mid-1960’s when they came to us for a website makeover in early 2015. We were amazed from our very first client visit that you could almost eat off of their shop floor. The employees all wore uniforms. Virtually all of their customers loved the stability of service they received from Cassels.

Some for several decades! In developing a predominant color scheme for their website, the choice was obvious. Blue is the color to use when you wish to convey reliability, professionalism and durability. We know from the feedback we’ve received on this website that we hit the mark.

Color Inspiration Secrets From The Pros

There are some color “tricks of the trade” that designers use to gain inspiration, keep inventory and manage color palettes that get results. Our friends at Canva never cease to publish great information about design, and this list is yet another example. Item #1 from the list is simply too powerful not to share.

#1 – Capturing Inspiration On The Go

We all have a favorite photograph whose colors simply inspire us, whether it is one you’ve taken yourself, or snagged online. With a tool like Photocopa, you can upload your favorite image and presto! Photocopa allows you to explore the different hues that make up the color palette of your photo, allowing you to duplicate the concept in other works.

Using this technique, one can draw inspiration from nature, a magazine photo, or even a selfie. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to check out items #2 – #10 on the list in Laura Busche’s article, “10 Color Secrets Designers Swear By.”

Remember, whether you’re designing a corporate website, an electronic brochure, or a flyer for a bake sale, color is an ally to be harnessed and put to use in conveying your message.

Color is content!

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