Content Marketing: Increasing Brand Awareness And Diversifying The Target Market


The internet marketing industry is a highly competitive one, and in order for a small or medium-sized enterprise to stand out, it needs a well-designed, customized marketing and advertising campaign designed to increase its visibility.

Having said that, two of the most important parts of a truly successful marketing campaign are Melbourne Fl SEO and content marketing, both of which will be detailed here.

The Importance Of High-Quality Content

Content marketing relies on unique, well-written, keyword-rich and properly optimized content designed to help a business diversify its target market, to increase traffic to its official website, to increase the conversion rate and, ultimately, to generate more revenue.

Nonetheless, it is important to say that only high-quality content will truly benefit the business – duplicate, poorly written or keyword-stuffed content will have the opposite effect, and will actually downgrade the website.

There are several different reasons why every marketer must emphasize on the importance of quality content. Firstly, the content must benefit the reader and keep them engaged. Secondly, the content must be unique: over the years, the Google algorithms have changed, and the latest Google update (Hummingbird) penalizes websites that feature duplicate content.

Otherwise stated, low-quality content will not only decrease the website’s ranking (thus lowering its position in the search engine results page), but it will also push readers and potential prospects away, given the fact that it makes the business seem unprofessional and unreliable. Only a reputable marketing that specializes in SEO and that works exclusively with skilled and experienced copywriters can help a business owner take his marketing campaign to the next level.

Fresh, Relevant Content: The Key To A Higher Website Ranking

Posting high-quality content is not enough, if you want to take your website’s ranking a mile further. One of the many factors the Google crawlers take into account when calculating the overall ranking of a website is the posting frequency: a website that posts fresh and unique content daily, or at least two to three times a week, has priority over one that only posts monthly or bi-monthly.

Posting fresh and relevant content can improve the search engine visibility because Google will index it these new pages lot faster. Besides this, posting content on a regular basis is also important for attracting a loyal audience – readers are likely to access a website constantly if they get used to a certain pattern when it comes to posting new content (such as posting every Monday, for instance).

SEO And Consistent Blogging

Last, but not least, another important part of every successful marketing campaign is search engine optimization. SEO is a complex process and it involves a plethora of techniques, tactics and methods designed to increase the visibility of a website and, automatically, that of a brand, business, product or service.

There are two types of SEO tactics: white-hat strategies (unique, well-written and keyword-rich content, reciprocal linking, content marketing, user-friendly and mobile-optimized website design) designed to improve your website’s ranking, and black-hat strategies (keyword stuffing, linking to known spam websites, duplicate content, etc), which will get your website penalized by Google, or even entirely removed from the SERP. White-hat strategies and consistent blogging are the key to success in the online environment!

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