Does Your Web Design Incorporate Javascript and jQuery?


A decade ago, static HTML was good enough for most websites. It served its purpose well. It helped ordinary people with a little coding knowledge develop their very own part of cyber-space.

And almost every website used static HTML and only static HTML. It may have looked simple, but with a little bit of creativity with the design you could make a professional looking website with little effort.

This widespread use of only static HTML was also because website designers were constrained by the speed of their visitor’s internet connections. Ten years ago, broadband was only just starting to be used by a significant amount of people, and even then it was slower than the average connection today.

As a result of a large speed increase with the average connection; designers were able to add more polish and functionality to their Melbourne, Florida website design.


This is where JavaScript and jQuery play a major role. JavaScript enables developers to make their websites dynamic, and makes the website jump to life. When you hover over a link and a new window pops out; loading a video clip; that’s JavaScript. When you can browse a product by rotating it in 360 degrees of full 3-D; that’s Javascript.

Basically, if you want to do anything other than just plain old boring HTML links, text and images on your website; you’re going to need some form of advanced script. And JavaScript is the most widely-used, and considered by many to be the best language for advanced website effects. jQuery is merely a library that simplifies the client-side use of JavaScript over multiple browsers and devices.

With the increase of internet speeds and knowledge of JavaScript; and as a result JavaScript becoming more widespread; it’s no longer good enough for a website to solely use static HTML. Your website’s visitors now expect more. When they visit a website, they expect it to jump to life. They expect to see the kind of advanced features that JavaScript provides.

A plain old HTML website that would have looked fine just a decade ago, now looks dated and unprofessional to many. In other words, the internet has moved on. Just like the Black and White TV set became color, then LCD and is now in 3-D. Keeping up with changing technology is a must in the information age. If visitors do not like what they see instantly; they will quickly return to their search engine, never to be seen again. No matter how good your products or services may be when compared to your competitors.

If your competitors have a great looking, dynamic website; that’s where visitors will take their custom. You can attract all the potential customers in the world, but if your bounce rate is high, those hits may never convert into purchases.

How can we help?

Tight Line Productions Inc. is a web design company from Melbourne, Florida and we are extremely capable with JavaScript. We can design a website for you using JavaScript that can really hold your visitor’s interest. We understand the importance of keeping your visitors entertained.


Not only are we fully versed in the use of jQuery and JavaScript but we can also implement WordPress into your website’s design. To allow you to manage your content more easily, but also it allows the use of an almost unlimited supply of plugins which offer a solution for pretty much every problem.

Many of these plugins use JavaScript in a way to provides useful functionality to your website, and allows aesthetically pleasing functions that make your website look more professional. We can also add JavaScript code to your WordPress site to provide custom features.

So why choose to have a professionally designed website?

In short, because it’s what we do for a living, every single day. Gone are the days when a layman could buy a domain, spend a few hours playing with HTML templates, and produce a professional looking website within a day.

It’s now a very labor intensive task to produce a great website. And it requires a vast amount of coding knowledge to really make sense of it all. Tight Line Productions web design team – in Melbourne, Florida – has a vast amount of relevant knowledge, learned the hard way. Through study, practice and trial and error. To put in bluntly, we know what works well and what doesn’t.

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