Important Elements of a New Website Design

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The process of creating a new website is time consuming, but it will be time well spent in the long run. Planning the layout of your website – colors, text, content, photos, etc is crucial to your online presence.

Start by getting numerous quotes from different web design companies for comparative analysis. Your Melbourne, Fl web design is your online identity – you want to put a lot of effort into it and make it perfect the first time.

If you are implementing a social media campaign, make sure your visitors know how to access your social media profile with links from your website. They should stick out and be visible somewhere on the main page. Similarly, make sure there is a way to “share” your blog posts on Facebook and Twitter. There are many plugins that can be used for this.

Choosing a good domain is often something that is overlooked. Put some thought into your domain because once you acquire it, you’re stuck with it forever. Make it memorable, unique, and relevant to your business. Stay away from EMDs (exact match domains) since Google has updated their algorithms to view these as unfavorable.

A common problem with web designs in today’s world of web 2.0 is browser compatibility. What may appear normal on Google Chrome may be interpreted differently in Internet Explorer or Firefox and cause your website to not function properly. There’s numerous resources available to test your website in multiple browsers, so take advantage of this to make sure your website isn’t at a disadvantage. Finally, take the steps to ensure your website is mobile-friendly and optimized for mobile devices. Mobile searches are growing exponentially so your website must be compatible with this platform as well.

As far as the physical design of your website, use a consistent color scheme that matches throughout the whole site – color, fonts, headings, photos, logo. Your color scheme is essentially a branding technique so you want to be unique and distinctive so your visitors know your color scheme and avoid confusion. Your logo should be on every page and a hyperlink that links back to the main page.

Remember — not everybody has a fast computer or quick internet connection so loading time varies for everyone. It’s important to make sure your website loads within the first 2-3 seconds in order to lower your bounce rate. The smaller size files you have on your website the faster your website will load. Moreover, you can chose a reputable hosting company or buy a dedicated server for your website to ensure your site has 100% uptime and loads relatively quickly.

Your web design should convey numerous call-to-action buttons to increase conversions and ROI.  Make sure your navigation is simple and easy to locate. Avoid using pop-ups and other technique that people view as “irritable” – you want to portray your information and build your website for people, not search engines. Finally, don’t over-do it! Sometimes less is more and the simple route may be your best choice.

You should now have a better feel of the benefits of a professional, unique website design. Tight Line Productions will be happy to provide you with a web design that will cater to your needs and capture the visitors attention – in a timely manner.