Is Your Web Design Good Enough?

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In this day and age when it seems that we can hardly go a day without a computer or even the worldwide web, we surely have to make our presence known within this largely marketed stratosphere, called the Internet.

Many business owners resist using the Internet for business purposes — either they feel they will be telling the whole wide world too much about themselves, or they just don’t want to get scammed. Yes, it’s true, like the real world, the Internet world is also full of scammers. But – if you find a good, hard-working and trustworthy team, your Melbourne Fl web design, will stand out and boost your online presence.

A great website is more important now than ever. A common mistake that web designers make is that they want to fill the website with a lot of information and colorful design templates, flash animations etc. But sometimes, less is more. A lot more.

If you fill your website with tons of “unnecessary” or excessive content, though possibly great-to-look-at photos, flash animations or even videos, you will suddenly start noticing your website becoming really slow. This will hurt you as far as SEO goes. The only solution is to clean your website of all the unwanted and unimportant modules. Tight Line Productions knows how to handle this scope of work.

HTML is a coding system programmers employ in their programming (also of websites). However, in the world of Web 2.0 with open source platforms (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, HTML has become less relevant in regard to web development. The major CMS platforms allow virtually anybody to create a respectable website.

It is not extremely hard to learn the basics — for example modifying the font or the font size. You probably see this as one of the least important things pertaining to a website. Sometimes the basics are what’s most important. Think of the font size and the font color of a website. Imagine a website you visit frequently. Is this website full of articles, all written in the same font and the same “regular” black font? Or does it have plenty of photos, ads and words in different font sizes and colors? Most likely the latter.

Individuals are quite different. But the majority of people are visual, which means that the majority of us respond to things (in our case words, photos, ads) that stick out. If you are maybe thinking of launching an online business or maybe launching a website for your existing business, don’t hesitate to write to contact us. You can leave it all to us, you just tell us your wishes, and then you are free to enjoy life, since we will take lead in presenting you and your business in the best possible light on the worldwide web.