Is Your Web Design Responsive?


Things are going digital fast and it’s essential for a business to create a website that is compatible with any screen size whether a mobile phone, a tablet, PC, or notebook.

The basic principal behind a responsive Melbourne Fl web design outline is how a websites interacts with different technology platforms. Web sites that have the ability to adjust themselves based on the device on which they are being accessed from are called responsive.


Creating a web site that function properly on different platforms depends on how responsive the site is. This can comprise different elements such as text, pictures and videos. To make a website adjust well and be user friendly include sets of codes specific to each OS. This ensures that there is no image distortion or missing text when the website is accessed on different platforms.


The easiest ways to ensure that your web site is responsive is through taking into consideration distinct audio, fonts, video and images. The website should be user friendly on different devices. CSS code enables these elements to display properly, regardless of the device you are using to access the website. For instance font size needs to be readable and user friendly on the web page.

In case you are using a mobile phone or a PC the font size need to be set to ensure the web page is responsive. CSS code can be changed so the percentage of the text can change depending on the size of the screen.

If you are using a content management system such as WordPress, you will be able to discover a great variety of themes that are already created to be responsive. WordPress themes are adaptive and responsive therefore, automatically adjust based on the screen size, resolution and type of device. Responsive themes are getting more popular ad there is an increasing number of the responsive themes available for all kinds of websites such as, magazines, portfolio, business, personal blog, e-commerce or gallery.

Importance of Responsive Web Designs

The most essential emerging web design trend is that responsive web design fully influences your business online presence. It is a good way to enhance the efficiency of your digital marketing approach. Customers do not need to wait till they reach home so as to access your web site. They can find and transact on the mobile devices. A responsive website has the ability of attracting more traffic and being accessed by potential clients compared to a non-responsive one.

A great example of a responsive web design can be seen here.

Basically, your website is the core point of acquaintance and communication that your clients have with your company. You spend lots of cash, energy as well as time in creating an appealing, functional and east to navigate website that portrays your company’s objectives, mission, vision and products offered. You really wish that your potential clients understand all these attributes regardless of the device they decide to access and browse through your website.

You also want your website to appear consistent, whether on a mobile phone or a tablet. You don’t want to compromise on design quality or the quantity of information provided to the potential clients. Your site needs to appear complete, up-to-date as well offer relevant information to your clients on the go. With a responsive website, you can be rest assured that your web page will appear as great on a tablet or a PC as it does on a mobile phone or laptop. Clients can access your company’s website directly without having to use a PC.

A responsive site ensures that you maintain your brand recognition. It ensures that your site appears the same whenever or wherever the site browsed. This is particularly effective if you decide to have an adaptive layout so as to gain more control over the specific placement of banners, text and images.

Lack of a responsive web design framework, your website may not appear well on distinct devices. Users can experience misalignments, disproportioned pictures, displaced content and a baffling website layout which may be hard to navigate. A responsive design sets your website’s layout properly and ensures that all elements for instance images, banners or texts are in order.

Advantages of a responsive web design:

  • Reach out to a broad market
  • Gives you more control over your website’s appearance and feel
  • Do away with the need to always create new web layouts to keep up with the changing technology of mobile devices.
  • Be accessible to potential clients 24×7

If you are looking for a responsive websites design, give the experts at Tight Line Productions a call and see how we can help.

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