Kelley Paton Client Testimonials

Here is a testimonial from one of our happy clients Ms. Paton of Sun Plumbing.

Client Testimonials

My name is Kelly, and I’m the HR manager at Sun Plumbing in Melbourne, Florida. I also oversee all the marketing there and I’ve been there for over 16 years. Currently, we’re using Tight Line Productions as our marketing agency located in Melbourne, Florida, and we’ve been using them for over six years now.

The first thing we did with them to help us grow the business is we took all of our budgeting that we had previously spent on other advertising, and we handed that over to Tight Line. With the same dollar amount or actually less, they were able to create commercials for us, put them on the air, they were able to do radio advertising for us. They were able to do pretty much everything with less than what we were spending previously. So, not only did we save money, we reached a whole heck of a lot more people that way. 

So, our call logs have gone up tremendously. We keep track monthly, of how many calls we get and how many dispatches are made per call. And there have been months where they’ve gone up by hundreds of calls per month.

The creative at Tight Line was fantastic. Our goal was to get something to brand our company and have something stuck in our customer’s heads. Tight Line came to us with a free jingle that we used on our radio ads at first. Then we took that same jingle to TV. Even now when people see us in public, they still sing the jingle to us. So, the goal of doing branding for our company has worked better than I could ever imagine it could ever work.

A few years into our relationship with Tight Line Productions, we decided that we needed to have a new website developed. We handed it over to the team at Tight Line. We worked for hand in hand with them on getting it created. When we first started doing the website before Tight Line did it we had about 1200 hits per month on our old webpage. After Tight Line did it we’ve more than doubled our hits per page. Now, it’s a lot classier, it’s more user-friendly. They took the ideas we had and brought them into reality. They were easy to work with. The timing was great. The pricing was unbelievable. Every month we see a huge return on that investment.

As any other plumber knows this industry is extremely competitive. There are plumbers all over the county. So, what we did was we had Tight Line take over our SEO or Search Engine Optimization. And through that our web track traffic has gone up even higher. Any keywords we give them are always ranked number one on Google and that has helped us get even more traffic to our website. I get approximately five to six emails per customer per week just from the website. Those are the ones I don’t have to call because they just want to do basic deals with everything through email. We’ve never had that before. We’ve only had people either call or we don’t get the customer. Now we get every type of customer whether it’s people by phone, people by email, or however they want to contact us. We get all of them now.

Thanks to Tight Line and all their marketing we are now in the position of hiring new employees from service plumbers to customer service reps, just to handle all the phone calls that come in and all the work that we have now. Tight Line helped us keep on track and actually build our business during these rough economic times. Now we’re actually very busy and we’re in the hiring phase.

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