LSI Keywords: What Are They And How Can You Benefit?


If you’re a website or blog owner in the online marketing niche, you probably know how hard it can be to increase traffic to your website. There is a fine balance between the need to create quality content and to optimize content.

As search engines get better at what they do, the ability to utilize keyword stuffing to boost traffic ended because search engines now detect this and rank the page lower in the SERPs.

As a result, SEO experts must learn how to utilize new tools to enhance their Melbourne Florida SEO rankings. One way to boost traffic to your website while creating top quality content is by using LSI keywords.

What Exactly Are LSI Keywords?

LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are words which search engines use to validate the quality of your content. They are synonyms to usual keywords — these words can be utilized to obtain higher ranks in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. LSI keywords make your blog posts sound more natural which sits well with Google when deciding how to rank your site.

Advantages of Using LSI Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

In an ideal world you want to add your main keyword as many times as possible within your content in order to rank high in search engines. However, be weary of spamming and avoid a penalty. You can make use of LSI keywords instead of your main keywords to gain the rankings in search engines without doing it in excess. For instance, assuming your primary or main keyword is “dog training”. Other keywords that you can use include puppy training, dog behavior, housebreaking and the like. These would be the LSI keywords, respectively.

Effective use of Latent Semantic Indexing combined with relevant and original information will boost your page rank as well as increase your page views. Latent semantic indexing is an effective tool for your Melbourne, FL SEO tactics. Search engines assess websites or websites using LSI to look for content that are extremely relevant to a particular search term.

To make the most of LSI phrases and words, they must be grammatically correct, spelled correctly and properly used. LSI phrases and keywords must be used in their proper context, because Google and other search engines can identify keyword stuffing with latent semantic indexing like they do with search phrases and terms.

For instance, if your write-up is about “sneakers” you should include phrases like types of sneakers, sneakers for women into your write up in a natural manner that is comprehensible when read. This way search engines will know that your content is pertinent to the keyword “sneakers”. Thus, your web page will be ranked high because the search engine recognizes that your write-up is talking about the search term “sneakers”.

Tools for Finding LSI Keywords

LSI keywords are very important, however finding them can be a wearisome task particularly when you are not familiar with the term. Here are a few tools to help you find good LSI keywords or synonyms. One of the most popular tools for finding LSI keywords is

Google Keyword Suggestion: You probably have been using this tool everyday without realizing it. That is Google’s search tool. Whenever you start entering terms or words into Google’s search field, it will suggest other terms that are potentially related to your search term. These suggestions are actually synonyms to your search query so make sure you write them down and include some of these terms in your blog or website content. Don’t forget to make your content or article original and pertinent to the subject as search engines will compare your content to several other articles with similar keywords. Top quality content will always get you higher rankings than keyword stuffing.

Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool: Google provides this tool free of charge and it is a great tool for researching keywords. You should go and check this tool out and get used to its interface, if you are yet to use it. To find LSI keywords with this tool, first search for your main keyword in the search field. Once the results have loaded, look for the section labeled “keyword ideas” and after you find it, you are done. All of the keywords in that list are your LSI keywords. All you now have to do is choose the ones you find appropriate and include them in your content.

These are the things you need to bear in mind if you are looking to use new SEO tools to increase your traffic. LSI keywords can help boost your traffic by as much as 200% if utilized properly.

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