Modern Web Design Trends You Should Be Following


Almost all businesses already have some kind of website by now, and while that’s great, it might not be cutting it.

If you have had the same website for the past decade then it’s probably time for a makeover.

Web design trends have come a very long way in recent years and it’s important that you bring your Melbourne Fl website design up to date so that it sends the right message out to your prospective customers.

Simplicity is Key

While animated gifs might look great in messages they should never be used on a professional website. Many websites were once designed to look as complicated as possible, it’s now ideal to keep it simple. It has come to light that the Internet is a way for other people to access information.

Flash graphics may be visually appealing, but they will make it difficult to access the content and will also slow down your site.

People like minimalist design. Give them access to the content that they are actually looking for straight away. This way you stand a good chance of lowering your bounce rates, and increasing ROI.

Fast Loading Website

With so many competing sites on the Internet, you really can’t afford to have a site which takes a significant amount of time to load. If it doesn’t load in less than a second and start being useful straight away then 99% of your audience will just click off and visit a different site.

Your site needs to load as quickly as possible. To do this you need to avoid using too much multimedia content. Pictures are fine, just don’t have too many of them. You want to have more content than design. Also consider Cloud Hosting to speed up your load times, as this will also positively affect your SEO rankings.

Professional Images

A picture really does speak a thousand words, but you can’t just have a website full of pictures. Make sure you have only high quality professional images which showcase some of your businesses best abilities. Consider having an online portfolio of past customers work so that visitors can easily flick thorough and look at the high quality work you produce.

You should consider having these photos taken professionally. Where possible, take the photos against a white or plain colored background. This makes them look professional and also makes it easier to remove the background if you needed to. You can also look into multiple stock image services such as iStockphoto and Thinkstockphotos.

Responsive Designs

It’s no longer just computers that are being used to access the Internet. There are tablets and phones which are all connected to the global online world. Creating a responsive design for your website is absolutely essential. This means that it will automatically adjust and look great on any type of device, no matter how small the screen is. Trying to view a full website on a cell phones tiny screen is frustrating at best, but having a separate mobile site is clunky and unnecessary.

By using responsive designs people simply enter the same address on their device and get taken to the right website design for their screen size. This is becoming more important and any good web designer will be able to assist you with this requirement.

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