On Page and Off Page SEO

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Search engine optimization or SEO can simply be defined as all attempts to increase a website’s visibility on search engine results.

With over 80 percent of all web traffic arriving online through search engines, it has become a necessity; that anyone one looking to achieve better rankings on search engine results pages (SERPS) must optimize their website fully.

Optimizing a website involves tweaking several factors or elements that influence where a website is ranked by search engine algorithm. These elements are divided into two main parts namely; On page SEO and Off page SEO. The following are some SEO tactics Tight Line Productions uses in all SEO campaigns:

On page SEO

As the name suggests, on page SEO involve tweaking all elements on a webpage to take advantage of the traffic coming through major search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Some of the most critical elements to be tweaked in order for a website to ranker higher in search results include; Keywords, title tags and Meta description.

Keywords density

Keywords are those terms or phrases one uses or types on search engines when looking for information about products or services. Keywords are essential in that they help webmasters to know exactly what information users are searching for. To find out what keywords are used? Webmasters use various keyword research tools to dig for more information or metrics.

Optimizing keywords means integrating the keywords often searched by users into one’s site. However, keywords must be used proportionately by taking into account the number of words on a webpage in what is known as keyword density. Overusing a given set of keywords on an article or site content can get a website punished or ranked lower in search results. Our SEO service will ensure that your keywords are higly targeted and have the right density

Meta description

Meta tags are special HTML attribute that provides search engines with more information about a given website. Meta tags show search engines what a given webpage is all about. Optimizing Meta tags involves writing short descriptions that best explains website and that involves including a website’s keywords.

Title tags

Title tags are one of the most important on page elements that have a major bearing on where your website will be ranked in search engine results. Title tags tell search engines what your site is all about and as such; target keywords should be included.

Off page SEO

On page SEO are all those elements that exist outside a website yet have a major bearing on how a site ranks in the search results. Some of the most critical off page SEO elements include; Backlinks, Social media, social bookmarking etc.

Backlinks are essentially incoming links which have a major bearing on where a site is ranked. Search engine like Google give backlinks lots of importance meaning that a site with many incoming links from authority websites gets better rankings on their search results.

Our SEO in Melbourne, Florida service will craft a vibrant link building strategy to have your website rank high in search results.

Social media

Social media is another off page SEO factor that has major bearing on where a website is ranked. With millions of people using social media networks daily, search engine give social media sites lot of importance and as such websites that have serious engagement on social media will likely rank better.

RSS submissions

Submitting a website RSS feeds to directories in another way getting quality backlinks which can help a website ran higher in search engine results.