SEO: Is Great Content Really A Factor?


Many of us in the marketing field dealing with SEO (search engine optimization) are always ripping our hair out in predicting Google’s next algorithm change to avoid a drop in the rankings.

It’s no surprise that unique, high quality content will rank your website higher and is a white-hat long term strategy worth spending time on. This carries over to blogging – take the time to write positive, quality blog posts that provide value to readers and is related to your niche. It will be time well spent.

Search engines love great content because well written articles (or backlinks from article submission sites) alert a search engine crawler that your website is relevant and has important information on it. This is crucial to search engines because the purpose of a search engine after all is to return valid and useful information to the user searching. Many experts predict that this is one area of the algorithm that most likely won’t be altered because it’s just that important.

Stay away from plagiarism. Search engines know when you have blatantly plagiarized content and will penalize you for it. You do not want a penalty in the SERPS (Search Engine Rankings Page) from Google because the recovery period may take months or years (some websites never recover!).

Writing useful blog posts with unique content adds weight and traction to your website and goes a long way in establishing trust with Google. Google is all about trust, authority, and relevance these days. Moreover, you are adding more meat on the bones on your website which means there is more content for Google to crawl. The unpredictable benefit here is that your post can be picked up and posted on other websites and you will gain a backlink.

If you are looking to increase your Melbourne, Fl SEO rankings, make sure you are blogging as often as you can and writing high quality content that isn’t plagiarized. With today’s web 2.0 world, blogging and great content along with a proper link building strategy will raise your rankings and put you over the competition sooner rather than later.

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