The Importance Of Quality Backlinks


There are many factors you should consider when you’re attempting to create your website and internal pages to rank higher on search engines. You put in countless of hours to build, design and develop your website, so why not spend time to rank it high on major search engines?

One overlooked but powerful aspect of SEO is creating relevant, quality backlinks to your website. Although this can be a time-consuming process, it is time well spent and will net you the largest SEO gains and improve your website’s ranking.

Building backlinks is just one way you can increase incoming traffic to your website. Understanding the importance of these techniques on your site will play a role in sending your website to the peak of search engine rankings.

By creating credible backlinks, you essentially build trust with Google and a sense of recognition for your website. This also allows search engines to rank your website higher for what people are searching for and relevant content within search terms.

With the correct link building technique in place, you will rapidly see an increase in traffic for your site, as well as an increase in PageRank over time. More credible backlinks to your means a more powerful domain. This can be somewhat of a challenge, especially if you are not sure how things operate in the search engine environment.

Quality backlinks give a website “juice” and establishes credibility to search engines. You want a nice mixture of NoFollow and DoFollow links. DoFollow don’t pass link juice to your page (you won’t get the credit for it), but will increase traffic to your site. Backlinks create notable recognition of your website to Google’s crawlers.

With the latest Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, many link farms and spam pages have been de-indexed by Google, and website relating to them have been penalized and taken a hit in their rankings.

There are still good link building firms that only provide backlinks from quality websites (PR4 and up), but there is always a risk involved when taking this route. These firms usually don’t give your website the TLC it needs, just treat you like another number, and leave a lot to be desired. I would stay away from them and build backlinks manually, the old-fashioned way.

Some techniques you can use to create backlinks are blogging, unique article creation, article directories, business directories, social bookmarking, and guest blogging. This is why websites that blog, and blog often have higher traffic and rankings. It’s the latest trend in web 2.0, and Google loves blogs and bloggers. If your website doesn’t have a blog, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Blogging tells search engines that your website is relevant, fresh, and spitting out new content.

There are plenty of websites out there allowing you to accomplish this, and a lot of them are highly ranked in Google, so they are trusted and authoritative in Google’s eyes – take advantage of them! Use these tips to create quality backlinks and increase your search engine ranking.

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