Tight Line Productions Helps National Outdoor Cabinet Company Expand Their Business

Meet Tom Soyk, the founder of Melbourne Architectural Millworks and ZahBuilt, an outdoor cabinet company based in Melbourne, Florida.


Tight Line Productions recently had the opportunity to work with Tom Soyk, owner of Melbourne Architectural Millworks and ZahBuilt, an outdoor cabinet company located in Melbourne, Florida. Tom reached out to Tight Line Productions for help with marketing his outdoor cabinetry line, which he was looking to expand.

Building a Relationship

Tom had previously worked with other marketing companies, but they were unable to help him achieve the results he was looking for. This is when he approached Tight Line Productions, he found a team that was responsive to his needs and could help him market his product effectively.

“Something happened to the hosting company, we got dumped, and overnight we disappeared from the internet. Within a very short period of time, you guys got a better looking site than we had up and running.” -Tom Soyk

Tight Line Productions got to work on creating original content, including B-roll footage, photos, and videos, which were incorporated into the brand new ZahBuilt website. Further, the new website did not only looked great because of the awesome web design, but also told the story of the company without relying on stock photos. The website also allows their dealers to gain access to company information to help sell the ZahBuilt cabinet line. 

Creating a Brochure and Catalog

Tight Line Productions also helped Tom create a six-by-six brochure for his vendors, which was designed in-house. In addition, Tight Line Productions also created a large 80-page catalog to showcase ZahBuilt’s outdoor cabinetry line. Also, these are both featured on the website.

Revamping the Melbourne Architectural Millworks Website

Melbourne Architectural Millworks, Tom’s legacy company, had an older website that was experiencing issues. Tight Line Productions stepped in to help, creating a new and improved website to help the company maintain a strong online presence.

Filming High-End Locations

To further promote ZahBuilt’s outdoor cabinetry line, Tight Line Productions filmed some of the company’s high-end locations, capturing imagery that could be incorporated into the website, brochure, or catalog.

Moving Forward

Looking to the future, Tight Line Productions and ZahBuilt are planning to expand their marketing efforts by ramping up their blogging and content creation. With the help of Tight Line Productions, Tom is confident that he can continue to grow his business and compete in a crowded market.


Tight Line Productions was thrilled to work with Tom and help him achieve his marketing goals. The company’s expertise in web design, managed hosting, and video production allowed them to create a comprehensive marketing strategy that not only showcased ZahBuilt’s outdoor cabinetry line, but also helped Melbourne Architectural Millworks maintain a strong online presence. As the relationship between Tight Line Productions and ZahBuilt continues to grow, they look forward to creating more effective marketing campaigns to help the company succeed.

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