Top Elements Of An Interactive Website Design


Web pages can include a wide variety of interactive elements that can beautify a website and make it more appealing to the viewers.

Since more and more business owners are using their websites to promote their company, they should leave a good impression on their websites’ visitors the moment they land on the site.

A well designed website needs more than just a good design in order to get visitors hooked to your offers – some top-notch interactive elements. Check out the following elements of an interactive website and use them wisely in your Melbourne, Florida website design.

Rollover Images

These are those images that change when a visitors hoovers the mouse over them. A rollover image changes in color or slightly changes its location, enhancing the aspect of a web page. This element gives more interactivity to your website by allowing your visitors to enjoy moving their mouse over them. You can learn more about rollover images by following this link.

Surveys and Pools

Another extremely appreciated element of an interactive website is surveys and pools. Controversial pools and surveys placed on a regular basis on the website baits more people into landing on your site; in addition to responding to the survey, they might also study the services and products offered.

Sign-up Forms

Another way to boost the design of your website and make it more interactive is by using sign-up forms. This element can be used to offer exciting incentives to your potential customers. You can either offer a free 15-day trial of a new launched product, a newsletter with special deals or a discounted eBook that has just hit the headlines.

Discussion Forums, Chat Rooms and Bulletin Boards

All of the above are extremely useful for increasing your website’s interactive quotient. If you allow your users to post their own articles, jokes, tips and feedback, you will double the chances of having extremely happy loyal customers who are eager to promote your business to their close friends. A forum embedded in the website and linked to your company’s blog makes your website way more interactive.

Embedded Videos

A must-have interactive element that most web design companies can offer are embedded videos. With more and more people having access to a high-speed Internet connection, visualizing videos inside a web page is not such a daunting task anymore.

When embedding, it is important to keep in mind a few factors, such as user controls, platform, file format and compression. The latter is the most important of them all. Make sure you compress the video as much as possible without altering its quality in order to provide a quick response time to your users and a perfect streaming, with no lag at all.

Social Sharing Buttons

Lastly and most importantly, you should add social media sharing buttons on your website. Start with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and continue with Reddit, Blogger, WordPress, Google+, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn. By doing so, you will easily get connected to a huge clientele base. If you have a WordPress-hosted website, the task of adding social sharing buttons becomes as easy as pie.

All these elements of an interactive website can be easily added using user-friendly apps and tools. Just be creative and make the most out of modern interactive elements in order to attract more visitors and make them enjoy your website.

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