Using Facebook Hashtags For Your Advertising Campaigns

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Hashtags have long been used on Twitter for adding a little bit of character to messages or for marketing purposes. Today you can add them to your plans for Facebook when advertising in Melbourne Florida.

How It All Works

Facebook allows people to upload hashtags to their massages by simply using a # symbol followed by a message that is used with just one full word. This can be searched for with Facebook’s search engine as well.

For example, if you wanted to talk about something relating to professional hockey you could use a hashtag like #StanleyCupFinals. People can then search for that particular term on Facebook and will be led to different Facebook posts and pages that include information on professional hockey.

Search Points

The hashtag can be searched for right off of Facebook although anyone can also click no the work on the hashtag to automatically search for items that share that post. This is to see how conversations are being held among many people at a given time.

This is used to only show public messages when they are being searched for. This means that private messages can still come with hashtags but they will only be visible in searches done by people who are authorized to view these private messages. The privacy of a user will not be compromised.

Why Use a Hashtag?

This is a huge advantage for advertising in Melbourne Florida because it gives you a new way to get in touch with your prospective customers. You can introduce a hashtag to add to your Facebook pages. This can be done by listing it in your Facebook posts or by adding it to your particular print or television media formats. This means that you can get people to start using your hashtag when talking about your marketing.


You can specifically advertise on Facebook with these hashtags by simply adding them to your account. You can add these hashtags to any post on your Facebook page and the site will automatically generate a link that allows people to search for things that the hashtag is symbolic of. By clicking on the link, the user will go to a search page to see public or authorized posts that use that term.

This is effective because it does more than just allow you to become visible. It also makes it so the general public can start to spread the word on what you’ve got to offer. The public populace will spread a hashtag around to all sorts of people. This means that you will have a better chance with getting in touch with other people.

Why Facebook Does It

The fact is that Facebook is adding the hashtag to stay relevant and competitive in the social media environment. You can use this to simply get in touch with more people in the Melbourne area.

Remember, you have to be visible on Facebook if your advertising campaigns on that site are to work. Facebook hashtags will certainly improve your chances of actually being seen here. This should give you a better sense of control for keeping any marketing project you’ve got running as well as possible. Tight Line Productions can help with your social media campagins – call today and speak to an expert today.