Video Production: What To Expect


If you want a professional-looking corporate video, commercial, television program, or event video made, it makes sense to go to a professional. Video production specialists offer a unique level of expertise in video making that is a great investment.

The process of video production is not complicated, but the experience that experts bring to each step is what separates their work from the characteristically amateur videos we’ve all seen on YouTube and local TV.

The first and most labor-intensive part of the video production process is pre-production. This will include one or more consultations with you (the client) and the video production team. The video producers are there to make you happy, so they will work hard to find out what you want in a video.

They’ll get your ideas, come up with their own, and bring them back to you to get approval. This is the time to tell them all of your ideas and be as specific as you can. Once the video is planned, shot, and edited it’s tough to make changes, so make sure your voice is heard at this stage.

The team will write a script, cast actors if needed, plan shots, scout locations, and track down props all during pre-production. You will likely get a look at the script when it is finished, which will give you a good idea of what the finished product will be like.

Shooting the video itself is usually the shortest part of the whole process. The director and camera operator may take additional crew members to various locations, assemble the cast and shoot the scenes. If there are only one or two locations, the shooting can often be finished in a day or two. In the case of a conference or event video, shooting lasts as long as the event.

Post production is normally the second-longest part of the process of video production. This is where the longer pieces of video are spliced together to make a good-looking, interesting finished product. Editing breaks the shots up, gives you a sense of movement, and helps to tell a story. Ask anyone who knows about movies or making videos, editing is where a movie is really made. Special effects, text, and voice-overs are all added at this stage if they are needed.

As a client you may be invited to view a first draft of your video for comments. Hopefully it looks like you want it to. It may be possible to make minor corrections at this point, but be careful.The directors and editors that work in video production know how to put together good videos and what people like to see. If you want to see less of something in your video, they can likely go back and cut out a part but it is unlikely that they can add something new at this point.

If you are making a commercial, there may be strict time constraints that make changes difficult. Rounding the cast, crew, and equipment back up at the right location to get a ten-second piece of video is annoying and troublesome, to say the least. And if the video professionals didn’t see fit to include the first time around, it may not be worth it in the end.

After some possible final changes, Presto! You have a great-looking video for yourself or your company. Your Melbourne, Florida video production company will be able to deliver your video in whatever format you choose. Good companies will be happy to give you advice in regards to the best way to use your video (for example, ‘use a DVD to play on a projector, use the MPEG file to upload to YouTube’) and provide you with more copies should you need them in the future.

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