What Does The New Google PageRank Update Mean For You?


Despite Google’s Matt Cutts implying that the page rank update would not happen again this year (2013), it still happened and caught the SEO community by surprise.

This is an act that has caught many people unaware and has caused numerous speculation.

Additionally, this is a move that has left many people confused and shocked. As much as the unexpected change has caused a lot of speculation, at some extent it has proven to be of great importance not only to Google but also to other business owners looking to keep up with their Melbourne, FL SEO.

Most of the members in the SEO community are still coming to terms with the sudden and unexpected changes. Why is this so?

1. Whenever there is a visible indicator and easy to see metric of Google linkage data changes, then the SEO industry will light up.
2. No one even in their wildest dreams expected an update on the toolbar PageRank.

The last time an update on the toolbar PageRank was carried out was 10 months ago. This explains the reason as to why no one expected or was prepared for the recent updates. In addition, Google has implied that the PageRank toolbar would go away the more reason as to why the feature has not been supported on most browsers for a couple of years. The reason for the different views on the changes is because it has increased the rank of some sites and dropped the rank of other sites.

With the PageRank, you are actually able to distinguish between the best sites and the poor sites. The highest score that a site can be able to reach is 10 while the lowest score is 0. This is of much importance as the quality level of content being posted on sites will go up. This is because bloggers and webmasters do not want to lose their clients.

PageRank is based on link votes (do-follow). The higher the number of links for your site, the higher the stakes of being ranked highly. With the new changes, the toolbar will be easily visible unlike before when you had to manually look for it. This is a step aimed at ensuring you are able to get the best quality content.

There are those sites such that continue ranking highly. These are renowned agencies that offer high quality content to their clients. However, ranking highly comes with a price to pay. A lot of hard work and determination has to be put in place. Retaining high quality content and remaining relevant is no easy task. Therefore, as much as bloggers and web masters want to be ranked highly, they must be ready to pay the huge price.

This seems to be a huge stepping stone for Google to ensure relevance and quality is maintained. This will not only be advantageous to Google but also to you as you research since you are assured of getting nothing but the best content. Leave it to Tight Line Productions to ensure you rank high and quickly on the SERPS. Quality and relevance is the only way out.

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