Why Should You Use WordPress?


WordPress is one of the best open source content management (CMS) platforms for building websites. It provides the widest scope for graphic rich websites dealing with frequent change and update of web contents e.g. blogs, forums, websites dealing with wallpapers, photos, audio and videos. It is a compelling way to create a dynamic web design in Melbourne, Florida.

Almost 90% of blogs are created with WordPress. Once the c-panel set up of a website is done with its domain and database, content management can be done by anyone with basic computer operation knowledge.

Released in the middle of 2003 by Matt Mullenweg, WordPress has been updated & upgraded with time, providing better user interface and content management platform. Each time the core team launches an upgrade, developers have found its operation a little easier. Built in PHP and supported by all MySQL databases, most of the developers choose WordPress to work on new websites.

Choosing the right platform for a website might appear a bit difficult, so is selecting right web design service. CMS of a website should be decided by few factors. They are:

  • The purpose of the website
  • Availability of developers, their expertise on a certain CMS
  • Target Audience
  • Layout, design, functionality

If you plan on your website to have plenty of visits to sell your product or service i.e. an online business; WordPress is definitely one of the better platforms. People are there who need a website just to have a showcase or digital footprint of their offline business.

If your services are only served online, then your web page ranking must appear good to the search engines. People should be able to see a link to your website by typing a keyword your web pages are optimized for. This technique of increasing your website’s online existence to the search engines is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Studies say that websites made in WordPress are best crawled by the search engines. In addition, WordPress is more compatible to the search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

Apart of availability of widest range of themes and plug-ins (mostly free, but few of them are paid), the biggest advantage of this CMS is customization. You can easily change the look and navigation of a website, which is a limited access in case of other CMS.

Set up and running cost for WordPress made sites are least. Each theme and plug-in has a compatibility issue in case of other platforms whenever there is an update. Some of the extensions and plug-ins are even impossible to upgrade in case of others. WordPress is way ahead of them from this point of view.

Apart from being SEO friendly, as discussed above, it is also user friendly. The dash board is controlled just like a smart phone. There are options for adding widgets, visitor interactive tools, mailing lists, newsletter settings and shopping cart too. Social interaction couldn’t be better than WordPress with help of cross-blog tools and user registration features.

All technological features like high security, deep encryption, spam protection and flexibility add feathers in the crown of WordPress. WordPress is just too beneficial not to be using.

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