6 Ideas To Consider When Producing A Promo Video


A promotional video is one of the most effective techniques you can use to spread your message.

Whether it’s a business advertisement or an event promotion, video marketing has a bigger impact on your target group than any other form of promotion, especially on the web.

This is why YouTube and Vimeo have emerged as highly popular advertising platforms.

The success of your promotional video depends on a lot of factors ranging from how it is prepared to the message it contains.

To ensure that the promotional video has the intended effect, put the following six ideas into consideration before and during your Melbourne Fl Video Production.

Get The Most Value For Your Dollar

Producing a good promotional video is by no means cheap especially if you do not have any of the equipment needed for the job. This is where a video production company that fits your needs could really be a viable option.

For instance if you are producing a how-to video, your budget may not allow you to shoot another video to announce that upcoming meeting, or promote your new website or even advertise a certain product. Whether you’re shooting a 30 or 60 second commercial, make sure you’re delivering your message effective and efficiently.

Instead of just the how-to aspect, you can put in all the others and still end up with something captivating, amazing and informative. When you post the video online, use search engine optimized keywords and post it in several video hosting websites such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Creating A Strong Concept

Your video needs to have a central theme or concept, and not just any concept but a strong one that your audience can easily relate to. If you feel like you are out of ideas, do not shoot the video. You can ask your colleagues or friends to help you brainstorm and come up with a unique interesting concept.

Length Of The Video

Internet users tend to suffer from an extremely short attention span. Posting a  video 10 minutes or longer will guarantee you just a handful of viewers, and most certainly turn away a lot of users. A 60-90 seconds minutes is standard for promotional videos.

The idea here is to deliver a message, with a strong punch while the viewer’s attention is still focused on the video. This means that you have to be creative and crafty so your can deliver your message while engaging your audience, all within a couple minutes.

HD Shooting

Video quality is extremely important in the success of a promotional video. High Definition (HD) videos are some of the best but they can also be quite expensive to produce and you would need experts to shoot and edit it. If your budget cannot allow it, there are some variations that are also good in quality. But if you decide to go with HD, it’s imperative  to look for video production companies that offer HD video services.

HD videos are a must nowadays in the world of plasma, LCD, and LED TV’s, and even retina screens on laptops — it’s not even debatable.

Know Your Audience

In deciding to prepare the video, you of course had a purpose. Was it meant as a business advertisement, a promotional on an upcoming event or was it mean to be an awareness video? Once you determine the purpose/message of the video, knowing your audience should naturally follow. It is very important to gain a deep understanding of who exactly your audience is and its relevant characteristics.

For instance, which is the best way for your audience to access the video, web or DVD? Are they young people who love humor or business people who are all serious? With a good understanding of the target audience, it becomes easy to tailor the content of the video to fit their tastes.

Be realistic with your concept

It is understandable that you want to produce the best video ever. Maybe you have decided to shoot it in an exotic location outside the country. This is all good but unfortunately it may not work mostly because of the money. With some skills and creativity, you can create a strong concept regardless of where you are.You also have to be realistic about the video’s response.

Do not expect the video to become an instant hit and everyone to fall in love with it. Remember, your goal is not to reach everyone in the world but only a certain target group. This is where you should focus all your efforts.

Generally, it all about creating the right content, for the right people and presenting it in an appealing manner.

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