Differentiating Between SEO and Marketing


Until recent times, Internet Marketing was the undisputed method of disseminating an online business.

But a drastic change in the way search engines rank the websites has brought about a new perspective to online marketing known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) popularized by the likes of many digital marketing strategies.

Internet marketing is more or less a mirror image of traditional marketing with minute differences. Your Melbourne, Florida SEO strategy should constantly be changing and adapting to the latest trends and tendencies.

With search engines becoming far more intelligent than what they used to be at the time of their inception, the spotlight has now shifted towards understanding the differences that exist between SEO and Marketing so that your business objectives do not lose focus.

SEO: What It Brings To The Table

The relationship that exists between the search engines and SEO is very much similar to the one which existed in between the piper and the rats in folk tale of Pied Piper of Hamelin. In essence, SEO plays to the tunes of search engines and delivers content as per their stipulations. Here, the emphasis is on the keywords used in the web page’s content and their optimization.

The links connecting a website is an important factor in determining its ranking. But there is always a risk lurking in the background because Google can come up to you one fine day and penalize you for following any unconventional means to build the links.

Nevertheless, if done the right way, SEO can bring about a meteoric rise in your website’s visibility. SEO’s major highlights are summed up in a nutshell below:

  • Customizing web page content and keyword usage
  • Heavily reliant on search engine algorithms
  • Building links to improve website ranking
  • Success or failure is gauged by the rankings achieved by websites
  • Higher organic rankings leading to increased traffic

Marketing: What It Brings To The Table

SEO experts often swear by the merits of traditional marketing approaches because it still continues to deliver remarkable results despite the advent SEO. Marketing focuses on a broader spectrum of things that are likely to influence a business such as the target audience, content and search engine parameters.

People take the precedence when it comes to marketing and its ultimate objective would be deliver content that appeals to the viewers by analyzing in depth the needs and requirements of the target market.

The beauty about marketing is that it allows people to create links for your business because content which is appealing will automatically be shared amongst individuals. In turn, this will increase the prominence of your business within the target audience and ensure that you get to boost your clientele. The summary of marketing’s highlights is as follows:

  • Pleasing the target audience with appealing content
  • Follows a broader approach by taking into account all factors that affects a business
  • Makes use of people to build links for a business and thereby creating brand consciousness among consumers
  • Success or failure is gauged by the ROI produced

A brilliant breakdown by Stephanie Chang from MOZ describes how Integrated Marketing and SEO go hand in hand. Based on the differences and comparisons listed above, we can safely conclude that SEO is an approach that is meant to deliver results in the short-term but is a risky proposition investment-wise in the longer run.

On the other hand, marketing can look like a slow starter but can go on to produce exceptional results on a long term basis which makes it a safe bet for investors who wish to nullify risks in their business. Regardless of their differences, a proper mix and balance is required if your business is going to be successful and thrive on a global scale.

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