Do It Right And Enhance Your Video Production Quality


When it comes to inbound marketing, video content can be an inestimable asset. According to researchers, this year alone 90% of Internet traffic will be video based.

However, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Making a video is one thing, getting viewers to view it in its entirety is quite another.

Considering that nearly 40% of viewers bypass or move on after viewing only 30 seconds of a video, with almost 45% losing interest and vacating at the one minute mark, add the 60% that jump-ship after 2 minutes, you will discover that video marketing requires considerable skills!

Your video should have great content, superb presentation, outstanding production quality, style, and whatever information is required to make the overall video inclusive. Your video will have to be an attention-grabber in every sense of the word. Here are ways to quickly improve your Melbourne, Fl video production quality of your video marketing content to make it more persuasive.


Video shoots take organization and preparation. If you think you can just “show up to the set” and “make things up as you go along,” you are highly mistaken. Here are a few pre-production tips to get you going.

  • Be authentic, have your own idea and be bold enough to use it!
  • Be prepared and meticulous by having your script ready, and by creating a storyboard and shortlist.
  • Be discriminating when selecting video topics. Aim for the best when choosing participants for your projects. Make sure everything seems natural and authentic.
  • Be attentive to the backdrop you use. If you are selling something for the outdoors, shoot your video outdoors not in the corner of your company’s break room!


Aim to be a perfectionist. Consider your footage as a project that will pay big dividends down the line. Besides, you will save yourself plenty of time later when editing if you do your best while filming. Here are a few important production tips:

  • Be mindful of sound quality. Be professional and use the best equipment, like lapel/lavaliere-mics, when filming sit-down interviews.
  • Have the proper lighting. Under or over exposure will make your video look amateurish.
  • Make sure that your tripod is balanced.
  • Make certain that your camera is focusing properly and white balanced.


Be sure to gear your content towards your target customer. If you are selling high heels, there’s no need to make a video about stockings for women. Though your video may have women wearing attractive stockings, you are selling high heels. Edit your video to get right to the point. Time is of the essence and you only have 8 seconds to prove your worth! Consider these top post-production tips:

  • Make sure the video is lucid with the emotional appeal you want to stir-up in viewers. The rhythm of your video such as tone, structure, and pacing, will make a big difference in how it influences your viewers.
  • Conceal your cuts with b-roll film sequences that balance the narration.
  • Optimize your video text by keeping a simple, qualitative, and clear style.

You will have to use your brain rather than just press buttons when it comes to creating videos. If you happen to get stuck, check for expert tips about video production from Tight Line Productions if you happen to be in the vicinity.

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