Effective Backlink Building Methods For 2014


Building quality backlinks is one of the important elements of an effective SEO campaign.

This can be a tedious task, but backlinks are still the best way to increase traffic and to raise your site’s ranking in the most popular search engines.

For these search engines, the more people go to your websites, the more valuable your sites become.

Yes, you can be popular by buying ads, but an organic way to gauge your site’s value is through the confidence other sites put on you. This is why backlinks are and always will be an integral part of any SEO program.

For the beginners, building quality backlinks can be confusing and the amount of work needed is high, which is why often times you would have to hire some help for this. The key is that you should concentrate on quality and not quantity, or else you will be wasting your efforts on building links that will not benefit you at all.

In fact, if you place your links on spammy sites, you might end up being penalized by search engines instead of getting some positive points. To help you out, here are some tips and ideas given by your Melbourne FL SEO expert that can assist you in building quality backlinks.

Go For Relevance

Do not just link from one article to the next even if their contents are not relevant at all. Search engine algorithms will eventually tag this as a spam and put your site into bad light. Therefore, if your site is about cars, your links should appear on articles that are about cars too. One way to do it is to guest post.

When you write articles for other blogs with the same niche as your company’s, you are allowed to put your link in that article. Guest postings are normally free, but bloggers of popular sites now ask a fee for the privilege.

Go For Quality Content

When writing articles or blogs in which to place your links, make sure that the content is of high quality too. Therefore, use proper grammar and make your content very informative, useful, and interesting. Quality content is also important for your own articles on your site.

Other sites want to post something good in their social media accounts and if they see that your content is great, they are likely to choose your articles, which is instant link back to your site.

Get Listed

There are several web directories that internet users turn to when they are in search of specific companies in different industries. By being listed in these directories, you are instantly creating a backlink to your site; just make sure that your company is listed under the right category. Popular directories often charge a fee for this, but the expense will be worth the effort because you will be hitting two birds in one stone. First, you will be improving your SEO and second, you will be reaching out to your target market.

These are just three simple ways to build quality backlinks. As an additional tip, watch what your competitors are doing and follow their lead, as long as their tactics are safe and effective. Further, keep an eye on what they are not doing too and take advantage of that gap. Call the experts at Tight Line Productions if you are looking to improve your online presence in 2014.

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