Google Increasing User’s Privacy and Security


Just recently, Google has gone dark by providing a change that encrypts all search activity, except for clicks on ads. This means that website owners cannot look anymore at ‘Google Analytics‘ to see what words people are using when they search for websites on Google.

The added protection aims to give more security, following the NSA/PRSIM domestic surveillance scandal. Google said that they wanted to block anyone who might be eavesdropping on a string of searches in order to prevent actual search items from being seen by publishers, especially those that are too private.

Google also said that this change has been done in order to increase the user’s privacy and security on the internet. Thus, a website owner’s activity on ‘Google’ will be anonymous. Searches made and clicks will not generate a list of words to create traffic for the publishers. But despite the searches being anonymous, Google has announced how users will be able to find websites through Google. How will this affect your Melbourne, Florida SEO strategy?

People Affected by the Change

Many people, including business owners, are in a state of panic, especially those who are working on marketing because they feel like flying blind. What they complain is that the organic data have been turned off and not the ‘paid’ search data. This basically means that Google is only providing data for website owners who are paying to advertise on ‘Google’.

Advertisers also felt the effects of the change because they do not get any data on their searches in an ordinary organic ‘Google’ search result. So when users ‘click on’ an ad displayed on the internet, advertisers will not get to know the words generated on the clicks.

Replacement for Organic Search Results

Despite shutting down the organic data, Google has made a replacement in the form of ‘Webmaster Tools’ product. However, marketers find a couple of problems with Webmaster Tools product. The difference between the ‘organic search data’ in Google Analytics than data in Webmaster Tools is the data being shown. Webmaster Tools only show sampling or just the average set of ‘aggregated’ traffic. Website owners will not get the ‘full data’ set of terms which generate all ‘Google’ visits on your website. Also, some find the Webmaster Tools not accurate or useful since websites are looking for accurate data sets.

Webmaster Tools, however, is not all bad data. In fact, it can give you a lot of ‘search query’ data but may not be as good as organic data search. The tool can give you the top ‘2000’ daily search queries including clicks, impressions, and clickthrough rates.

Importance of SEO during Dark Times

Now because of this so called “data apocalypse”, it is important to have a reliable search engine optimization to keep you on track with the latest and the most up-to-date data being searched by most users on the internet.

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