Google’s Newest Update: Penguin 2.0


The rollout for the newest Penguin algorithm for Google is finally complete! According to reports, this affects around 2.3% of all the English-US queries in a noticeable way.

Features on different languages were also included in the rollout. What does this mean for your Melbourne, FL SEO?

This simply means that the scope of this new algorithm depends on the language; thus, languages that come with more web spam will notice the impact.

This rollout, is considered as the fourth launch from Google on Penguin algorithms. However, unlike other launches, this one is an entirely updated algorithm, and not just a refresh.

Matt Cutts, an engineer from Google, highlighted in his video that the new Penguin algorithm works on targeting black hat spam, and provides an even bigger impact on fighting spam compared to the previous Penguin versions and updates. As we remember, Google initially rolled out a Penguin algorithm last April 2012, and then it was refreshed two times last May and October of 2012.

Those versions do not target the spamming feature being targeted by Penguin 2.0 algorithm. Since this rollout was just completed a few days ago, information on other spams targeted by this algorithm will still be revealed when the general public begins using the system.

Emerging as a more powerful algorithm compared to its predecessors, Penguin 2.0 impacts more webmasters. It goes deeper and thus we can expect that this affects many SEOs compared to the ones gathered during the launching of the first version.

Hours after this service was launched, a number of SEO experts already call this feature an anti-spam algorithm. You may notice it when you observe your site SERPs in different Google search engine geos. Every geo returns a different number of results as compared before where they were about 80% similar.

With the original feature, if your website runs contents which are not really related to the keywords being searched, they still get the high rank. This is perhaps because the quality of the contents is good and it makes the search results engine more convenient and easy to understand for users.

However, with this new update, you may notice some changes. This may include getting hit on anchor text links which are built with keywords as well as noticing that naked urls or generic links do not receive a hit also.

Since the service is still relatively new, considering its release just a few days ago, individuals revolving in the virtual world are still getting used to the new service’s impact on SEO searches as well as the way their sites are ranked now compared to before.

As of the moment, there are mixed reviews about the new Penguin 2.0. Some say that it is a useless update, since their competitor’s ranking is still the same, making them still their competitors. Others, on the other hand, find it efficient especially for those who are working with different Google geos. Spam is detected and avoided, which makes life easier for a lot of Google users. Let’s see what this update has to offer some more!

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