Howard Fulton Client Testimonials


Recently, Howard Fulton received his 250th Google review. In this video, we present Mr. Fulton with a certificate celebrating his 250th review. These reviews are important because they demonstrate trust within Google’s search algorithm and help rank our clients at the front of Google when a customer searches for their product or service. As such this is an important milestone that deserves recognition.

You can either read the transcription below or watch the video above.


Mark Lewis:

Hey guys, it’s Mark at Tight Line Advertising and today we’re making a special guest appearance with Mr. Howard from Cassels Garage. Cassels is a well-known and well-established auto repair place that can you if need to get your car fixed. Anything you need worked on, you name it, these guys do a great job. They take care of my truck, they take care of our van.

But, more importantly, we’ve been working together now for eight years. It’s been out a long time. At Least a couple of different websites we’ve built over the years for him. You know, we had to change the format a little bit. We did some cool commercials for you as well.

How are things going? We’re charged, with trying to keep them ranked up organically, meaning people are finding him organically on the website. We’re writing blogs, and we do some review management as well.

Howard Fulton:

Everything’s going well. The website stays relevant and stays up there. As far as Google searches go, I have people finding me from all over the country. We are on the first page just about everywhere. People find us from all over the country. When they’ve got a kid going to school down here or finding a car they want to be checked out down here they contact all the time about things like that.

Mark Lewis:

And, the other cool thing is we implemented about 18 months ago a little review system, we call it R3. Review, request, respond that’s what I like to call it, because these days, you want to talk to your customer when they’re happy. And Howard’s probably done the best out of all of our clients. When we started, we may be down in the low 30s. And today, we have 250 Google reviews. Plus, you got some reviews on Better Business Bureau. You also get them on Carfax. So, we’re able to pull them from there. And the system works great. He sends out the invitation. They send a text, and an email, and the client responds, it’s as simple as that.

Howard Fulton:

It’s very simple we implemented a program where we print out the previous day’s customers, and we send all of them an invitation. An opportunity to leave a Google review comes on their phone. And it makes it really easy for them. We have a couple of customers that don’t have Google accounts and we have to coach them through but it works out really well and we have a good presence and a good star rating.

Mark Lewis:

Yeah, you guys are doing good. And then they also have the direct review too. So, as you said, people might not have a Google account. They could also leave a review on the website. They give him a direct review, and all these go to the website, too. So we have a review section on the website, so you can go find the reviews there too. So it’s a great system. He’s been a great client, been a good friend and we definitely appreciate you.

We also have something special for him today. Here’s a Google certificate for 250 reviews.

So yeah, guys, if you need your car fixed, and you’re in the Melbourne area, or you’re coming this way, he’s been working on cars here for 56 years. And, if you guys need a website, SEO services, and set up a strategy session, we’ll kind of walk you through the system that we do for Howard and a lot of other guys. We do pretty much the same system for different businesses. We pretty much do a lot of the same practices because we know they work.


Most small businesses make the mistake of thinking that Google reviews will come organically over time. While a few will trickle in it actually takes a proactive approach to get the ball rolling. Here at Tight Line Productions we set the entire process up for you and monitor it to make sure you are getting the best exposure for your business. With a good review system in place, you will start to notice your website getting more views from Google, which will only help your business grow faster.

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