Mark Anthony, The Psychic Lawyer Video Testimonial

Mark Anthony Video Testimonial

Mark Lewis: What’s up guys? Hey, Mark Lewis at Tight Line. Today we’re going to be talking about a case study and a couple things we’ve done for one of our clients. His name is Mark Anthony, he is known as a psychic Explorer. And he’s done a lot of cool stuff. He’s basically entertainer. Mark’s been involved with all kinds of different things with readings and whatnot that he does for folks. I’ll let him explain that to you. But basically, when he first came to us, he wanted to increase his social infrastructure, social ecosystem, as he calls it. He’s a writer, and he does a lot of things and specifically he was looking to get his book published, and he’s done multiple books now. So, we’ve helped them with book sales. But, before we did that, he wanted to increase his awareness in the areas where some of the big publishing companies were. So, we targeted some places in L.A. and some places in New York to increase his likes and his social presence once he got there. Further, into the process we talked about how we redeveloped his website. We built a brand new site from scratch, which he seems to really like. It’s got all kinds of widgets, event scheduling, and all kinds of different things.  It’s a unique website. That’s what we’re going to tell you about in this installment. So, before I go too long, we’ll let Mark tell you what he found here when he came over to Tight Line.

Mark Anthony: I’m Mark Anthony, I’m known as the psychic lawyer and the psychic explorer. I’ve written three books including my new bestseller The Afterlife Frequency, I appear nationwide on television and radio as an expert in spirit communication, near death experiences, survival of consciousness, ancient mysteries and quantum physics.

COVID certainly has made things difficult, but Tight Line has made it really easy for me, because with my website, it enables me to reach people globally. My client base is worldwide. And I am the co-host of a live stream show every Thursday, the Psychic and the Doc with my co-host, Dr. Pat Baccili. We love the show because there’s nothing like it, people call in and I’m able to connect them with their loved ones in spirit in tandem with Dr Pat’s no-nonsense street smart, behavioral, psychological, uplifting insights. And in addition to that, I’ve been promoting my new book, The Afterlife Frequency, which was released in October of 2021. Since its release, I was notified that it’s been submitted for a Pulitzer Prize, and film icon and spiritual legend, Shirley MacLaine has recommended it. I also understand that it’s well on its way to going into a third printing in under three months. So, I’ve been really busy promoting it on the internet, through live stream shows, podcasts, and certainly through social media. And Tight Line has been an integral part of my promotional platform.

Tight Line has been essential to expanding my social platform and social media ecosystem. And this is really important because it doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do, what a great writer you are, it’s how many people you reach and Tight Line is second to none, in working with the different forms of social media to expand that all important social ecosystem.

So I came to Tight Line and I asked them about expanding my social ecosystem. They developed a targeted strategy to focus specifically on the demographic that are interested in the books that I write, and the work that I do as a spiritual teacher, paranormal investigator, ancient mysteries lecturer and psychic medium. They were able to develop this targeted strategy that hit the top 10 markets in the United States. Within a month, my numbers on social media almost tripled. So Tight Line really knows what they’re doing when it comes to social media and marketing strategies.

So, when I first started my work as a psychic medium, because I transitioned from full time attorney into full time psychic medium lecturer and author, my website had a very dated look. Even though it had been developed in the 21st century, it still had a 90’s look. Tight Line got ahold of it and they completely redesigned it giving it a very updated look. One of the best things about working with Tight Line is we review it at least twice a year to see what changes we can be made to not only keep it current, but keep it ahead of the edge.

Thanks to Tight Line I have a global client base. As a psychic medium, I reach people from all walks of life, including several politicians, Academy Award winning actors, even members of royal families have come to me for readings. But, the most important thing is the everyday person who’s coping with the loss of a loved one. Thanks to my website and timelines, and social media marketing strategies, I’m able to touch those people worldwide.

Mark Lewis: Well, thanks, Mark, that was great. We’re really flattered by some of the things you had to say about us. You know, we show up every day and we work hard. It’s a team effort here at Tight Line. You know, different folks, different strokes, we always have to do different things for different companies. It’s always unique, so we’re always listening, we do a lot of listening and we do a lot of planning and strategizing to keep our clients happy. So we’ll be doing more of these. Again, thanks, Mark for your kind words. Please look forward to more of our case studies coming to you on YouTube in the near future. We’ll see you then.

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