Power of Web Design

Having a fast and responsive website is vital to running a successful business in today's digital world.

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Hey, welcome back to another Tight Line marketing strategy session for small businesses. I’m Mark Lewis, owner, and CEO of Tight Line Advertising, and today, we’re talking about websites. And the big question is, is your company’s website working for you? How many people visited your website last month? Last quarter, even last year? How many visited a contact page? Did they submit a form? Click an email or phone button? If you are struggling to answer these important questions, keep watching.

The Power Of Being A Mobile-First Website

We’re going to tell you what makes a great engaging website and how your business can benefit from it. Being mobile-first or what we also call a responsive website is for sure a must-have. If your website doesn’t look consistently beautiful and engaging across any device and any screen, it’s not properly mobile optimized. How about engaging design? The first visible section of a website must clearly identify what you do for potential customers. When you first pull up your website on your phone or your personal computer, without scrolling, does your website clearly identify what it does? Does it engage the visitor? Is there a clear path to find more information about services that are neatly organized? Is their contact information abundantly present across the site to convert interested visitors? How about original content? Stock photography can only help so much. Original written and visual content helps establish your local roots and builds trust with your potential customers, put your best foot forward and showcase expertise in the quality of your product and services. That’s something we always do here at Tight Line, making sure our clients have original good quality content, like videos, photos, and other content to help once again put that best foot forward.

Our Statistics To Demonstrate Your Growth

One of the most important parts of running a business is seeing a return on investment. Here at Tightline Productions, we demonstrate this 100% by using our cutting-edge analytics. Tracking your website’s usage allows you to make informed, educated decisions about your business’s future. It helps narrow marketing efforts to maximize return on your investment. CRM and conversions. Conversions and CRM. How does your website convert? Do you use a CRM with your website? Your website shouldn’t get in the way of you doing business. Our websites integrate with most CRMs these days making it very easy to manage leads, set appointments, and set reminders to you to both the clients and your service providers. They can help you run your business more efficiently. 

Most importantly you want to be found. Being found online is everything. All of the things that we have discussed so far play a role in being found online. Mobile, fast, intelligent websites with engaging content will stand out not only to the layman but to the All-Knowing search engines like Google, YouTube, and Yelp. Across the web, people are looking for the products and services you offer. We make it easier for them to find your products. Of course easy access to all your social media. And if you’re engaged in reputation management, having your top reviews from Google, Facebook, and other sites that continually push to your website. Well, that’s a great thing to have as well, because that really engages customers. 

So quick recap. Your website should be engaging with custom photos and videos trying to eliminate stock photos whenever possible. It should be chock full of original written content, and individual service pages that are optimized for proper keywords for your business to rank better. It should have built-in opt-ins throughout the entire site to capture more leads. And if you’re using a CRM, be sure all the opt-ins and contact pages are configured correctly. Clean navigation to all individual service pages with on-page optimization for increased SEO for the best keywords for your business and industry. Links to your company’s social media review page to hold ongoing positive reviews from Google, Facebook, and other review sites. And of course, you should be able to measure your site’s traffic and conversions using analytics to get the information that you desire and need for your business.


We hope this really helped you with your company’s website. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to set up a no-obligation Strategy Session to discuss your website needs. No two websites are the same and we tailor fit our products and services to fit your company’s digital needs.

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