Simple Web Design Tips To Enhance Attention


Nowadays, having a website for your business is critical and it can be considered one of the most important assets at your disposal.

It’s the perfect platform for your customers to connect with your products, services and is the ideal place to provide customer support.

The key to having an effective website where customers can fully experience and connect with your business is the website design itself.

Choosing a good designer is one of the most important steps to consider. A good designer knows the basic principles of visual design, color schemes, human-computer interaction, user experience and perception.

Below are some basic concepts to make your Melbourne FL web design stand out and capture attention.

Choose The Right Color Scheme And Stick With It

The first thing you see when stumbling across a website is the color scheme. This happens in as little as milliseconds and it can make or break your whole website right from the beginning. A carefully chosen color scheme can create the atmosphere and general feeling for customers, whether it’s a doctor’s blog or an E-commerce website.

As a result, the color scheme should be chosen according to the niche: a construction website won’t have soft, pale colors and a psychology support website won’t feature electric, intense colors.

The best idea is to narrow down 2 to 3 colors which may suit best the theme of the website and then decide on the one you like best, depending on other factors. Keep it simple.

Balance and Alignment

The layout of the website is another important element, which must be weighed heavily when it comes to attracting visitors. A good website design manages to balance a grid system to give it functionality as well as an easy and effective customer experience. A nice structured look, coupled with intelligent image positioning will ensure that the website is easy to read and relaxing.

Also, a careful positioning of the opt-in box is critical to increase conversions and create a powerful customer base. What’s more, because your website is pleasant to look at, your posts will be read more, shared more, and will increase returning visitors.


What can be more frustrating than a website that has different themes, layouts or even colors when you browse through its different pages? This is where consistency comes into play. Your website must be consistent and should have the same layout for banners, blocks of texts, opt-in boxes and images. Limit the number of fonts,  spacing, color and size as well as the H1 and H2 headings to make sure that your visitors stay engaged.

Generally, a consistent website may increase the sense of familiarity and trust among your customers and viewers and your business will be seen as serious and professional.

Mobile Responsiveness

According to recent reports, mobile traffic has exceeded desktop traffic for the first time since 2013. This means that most of your visitors will likely come from a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet and your website must be fully prepared to handle them. An intelligent website, like the ones designed by Tight Line Productions, feature the full options and customization widgets to allow ideal mobile responsiveness.

A responsive website will have a similar color scheme, layout and features but they will be optimized to better work on touch screen devices and will have faster load times to cater for mobile users.

In conclusion, having a website is indeed a must nowadays, but having a professional, clean, and functioning website will make your business stand out and be successful. Your visitors and clients will enjoy your website and will be able to perceive, understand and better process the information, leading to better sales and customer satisfaction in the long run.

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