Speeding Up Your WordPress Website


WordPress has emerged as a very popular platform to create powerful websites. This platform can be used very easily by all website owners. Some people may want to speed up their WordPress sites, and reduce load times.

There are many benefits that people can get by improving the page speed on their sites. High speed website is very attractive for all users who want to get all important information from this site, and a key element to SEO.

Here are several useful tips for to speed up your Melbourne Fl website design:

Install some plugins

There are some WordPress plugins that can be used to boost the loading speed effectively. W3 Total Cache plugin profiler is one of the most recommended plugins for improving the website’ speed. There are many other plugins that have similar functions as this plugin. Installing these plugins on WordPress is not a difficult thing to do. That is the reason why many people install one of these plugins to improve their websites’ performance.

Responsive Designs

This is another easy way to make a website load very quickly. There are some responsive WordPress templates that are available on the Internet these days. Responsive designs are quick to load on mobile devices. These responsive themes are specially created with high technology. Most of these designs are created with minimum codes. Therefore, most responsive sites can load very quickly.

Caching the site

When people want to improve the page speed significantly, they may want to cache their sites. Caching is one of the most recommended procedures that people have to do in order to improve their website’s performance. There are two main plugins that people usually use to do this job. They are W3 Total cache and WP Super Cache. Each plugin may have different features and benefits from another one.

Compress Images and Scripts

Image is the main factor that can reduce the page speed in most websites. It is recommended for all website owners to compress the image that they are going to place in their sites. Some image editor applications can perform this job perfectly. Some people may choose to install WordPress plugin that can compress image quickly, for example WP Smush It. This plugin can compress some images when they are going to be uploaded to WordPress site.

Combine CSS and Javascript

This tip is recommended for all website owners who know how to modify Javascript and CSS files on their sites. Some of these files may reduce the page speed significantly when they are not combined. There are some plugins that can be used to combine these files, for example Combine JS and Combine CSS plugins. Both of them can improve the page speed significantly.

Cloud hosting

There are some cloud hosting services that are available on the Internet. Cloudflare is a perfect example for this service. It is very popular because all website owners can simply change the nameserver for their domain to this Cloudflare service. This service can make a website to be accessed in lightning speed. It means that all visitors can open some of these sites very quickly.

Those are some recommended tips for all people who want to speed up their website. Some people may choose to hire professional website designer to create this fast loading website. It’s a good idea to compare some web design services that offer many great packages for all clients.

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