The Power of TV Advertising: Client Testimonial from Luv-A-Lawn


Hey guys, Mark Lewis here from Tight Line Productions. We’re a full-service advertising and production company located in Downtown Melbourne, Florida. We specialize in digital and electronic media strategies, building websites, video production, SEO, pay per click management…you name it, we do it. We’re doing something a little different today. We’re going to talk about one of our clients, Joe from Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control, who we recently got rolling. He came to us from another client over in Kissimmee, Royal St. Cloud Golf Course.

Long story short, we met with the client multiple times. He came in and met with our team including my production guys. One of the challenges he had was that people thought that he only did lawn service OR pest control, but he does both. We came up with some messages during the meetings and created two different strategies. One to brand Luv-A-Lawn and another to help with the challenge that he was having with misconceptions.

It was about a two-month process from the beginning to end, from talking about strategies to coming up with a finished plan. We developed scripts, did some casting, and finalized a media strategy and budget. Then, we got everything filmed and edited. Below is Joe’s response to us after the first forty-nine days of his TV campaign.

Joe from Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control Said:

“I wanted to update you on the “Early Results” of the new TV ad campaign Tight Line Productions in conjunction with Spectrum TV has been running for my company, Luv-A-Lawn and Pest Control.

First, let me say; we have been pleasantly surprised with the feedback provided to us by our already “existing” clients and by our friends. The production commercials are a big hit! Our team members are constantly congratulated in the field on our success and complimented on our growth by our customers. We have never had this kind of consumer outpour of confidence, I believe the TV ad campaign has really stepped our game up and has us competing with the largest companies in the Central Florida area.

As you know, I am a results-driven business owner. When we first met, I listened, you listened, we came up with a plan that we felt suited our needs.

We agreed that if these needs were not being met by the campaign, I would consider pulling out. Now, that is no longer a consideration. Up to this point, our TV Ad Campaign has been very successful… I wanted to share some facts with you as we enter day 49 of the TV ad campaign.

  1. Our existing customers and friends are very impressed with our commercials, we hear from them all the time. You just know we are being talked about out there!
  2. “Lead” generation has increased overall from this time last year by 41%. A stat that we are very pleased with.
  3. Total “TV” leads since we started the campaign-39 leads in 49 days. This is specifically when a customer calls our office and states: “They saw our commercial on TV”
  4. Total “Website” leads-36 leads in 49 days. This is up from 11 Website Leads a year ago in the same time frame. This is increase can be attributed mostly to the TV campaign.
  5.  Our total “Website” activity has increased by over 120% since March 1st when we started the TV ad campaign and seemingly increases with every passing day.

So far, so good. We are extremely pleased with the current returns for our TV ad campaign. We look forward to producing a few more commercials for the remainder of this year and into next year.

Thanks for your help!”

Links to Luv-A-Lawn’s TV Commercials

Phone Calls

Bob’s Got Bugs

This is what we do and this is what we enjoy doing – watching clients grow. We had an AC client that had $10 million in sales last year…they finally hit $10 million! This is the kind of cool stuff that we like doing for and hearing from our clients. It’s a give and take process. We hear feedback from them, and then we make adjustments to their messages and implement different things. You know, sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t. It also takes a lot of work on the client’s end of things. Are they managing the leads that are coming in properly to stay in touch? We constantly have to be in tune with our clients, and that’s what we try to do all of the time.

We just wanted to share a quick little note on some positive feedback that came to us from one of our clients, Joe from Luv-A-Lawn. Thanks very much. We’ll see you next time!

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