The Power Of Video


At the heart of the human experience is connection. The desire to be a part of something greater than ourselves.

When you are seeking to give valuable information about your business, products, or services, Melbourne Florida video production can give you the cutting edge.

It can connect you to your specific audience like nothing else. We have been telling our clients the benefits of video for years. Did you know that video has the power of 1.8 million words? Dr. James McQuivey, of Forrester Research, estimates that video has the power of 1.8 million words.

You read that right; it takes 1.8 million words to cover what one video can do for your business. Current research states that 100 million online users watch video every single day. One of their views could be for your company. Imagine the reach! The power of a single video to elicit sales for your brand. Not only that, but 45.4 percent of online users watch one video per month at the minimum.

Average users of the Internet consume about 32 videos monthly. It is estimated that 100 million people watch videos online each day. There is no doubt that video has reach. It speaks to people in a way that the written word and still photography simply cannot.

If you are still on the fence as to whether or not video can increase your audience and bring your business to the forefront consider this: 80 percent of those who watched a video ad online can recall information about the video 30 days later. ComScore, a company that gathers information on digital usage, finds that 64 percent of consumers are more likely to purchase something online after watching a video. This translates to a lasting effect on your brand or product on the consumer. Video stays with us. It leaves an impression. It combines the power of imagery, the spoken word, and visualization.

Google is the number one search engine and Video marketing increases your presence there. YouTube is the second largest search engine and, of course, it is all about video. If you have found that your company does not have the reach you desire online, adding a video presence may be the extra step in increasing traffic flow to your website. One video can be displayed over multiple platforms. You can embed a link into an e-mail blast; it can be play at tradeshows or edited for television. Video increases your presence on search engines and gives you a voice where none existed before.

 Tight Line Productions has the resources and capability to create rich video with insightful content for you that will grab viewers. We can get the results you need with our competent and knowledgeable staff of experts. Our team of writers can create verbiage catered specifically to you. If necessary, we can find talent that can portray your message seamlessly.

We can shoot and edit your video in a timely manner and get it out into the digital world. Whether you choose the Internet, television, or both as your medium we are here to provide you with second to none service. Our goal is to provide you with earning potential through whatever means possible. Digital media is here to stay so why not take advantage of all the avenues for growth and earnings available.

We recently had the opportunity to shoot a video for Keiser University. Take a few moments and watch. In a few short minutes, this video presentation encapsulates the ideology of this company. It speaks volumes in a short period of time. Then sit back and consider what we can do for you. Quality, connection, and personal service are at the heart of all that we do.

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