Three Basic Principles Of Creating A Unique Video


The use of video to promote your products and services is the perfect way of reaching your audience online but with so many different styles and messages, sometimes a video can end up vague or confusing.

To prevent this from happening we recommend that you work on the three fundamentals of creating a unique video. Our Melbourne, Florida video production team thought that it would be a good idea to explain the 3 main points that will make your video a cut above the rest.

The Message

First, decide on the message. It seems like a straight forward idea but it can be quite a difficult subject to tackle. Understand what message you want to give to your potential clients and customers and understand why you are making the video in the first place.

Seems simple doesn’t it? But having a strong idea of why and how you want to project your message means that we can work on providing the right video for you. Some of the most successful videos and adverts are memorable because their concept has been carefully thought out right from the start.

Many clients may think that this step can be achieved with just a quick brain storming session but realistically you should spend a majority of your time concentrating on this stage alone before tackling the next two fundamentals. Do not try and fit several messages in one video as this can be confusing for the potential client. That is not meant in a belittling way but you need to grab their attention with your message from the start and having too many different messages means that watchers will get to the end and not retain your main message. Keep it simple, clean and memorable.

Streamline and Focus

Once you have worked on the message itself its time to work on the content. Take the one message you have decided during stage one and work out how you want to reinforce this message. This could mean that you focus on the benefits, success and visuals for your one message. Having plenty of ideas at this stage means that you will have plenty of content to work with. Once you have your content do not be afraid of omitting some of the points if you think they will become vague or lost. Don’t loose focus of your message – keep it succinct, interesting and engaging without watering it down.

Camera, Light Action

Once the script, content and message have been fine tuned then it is time to turn your outlines on paper into a targeting video. It is important to be realistic at this point and focus on how this can be achieved. If you have decided that you need to include a spokes person, question whether they will have the ability to perform to the camera and hold the viewers attention. Putting together the video needs to work smoothly so understanding how any clips are going to be used, how the interaction from your key person or speak over person will work and presenting the video in an appropriate format need to be addressed.

Making a commercial does not need to be daunting but having an understanding of the three fundamentals will mean that your video will be the success you deserve.

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