Tight Line Advertising Revitalizes Website for AmVet Concrete Coatings

Tight line has successfully revitalized AmVet's website. Check out this cool site.


AmVet Concrete Coatings is a Brevard-based company that specializes in residential and commercial Polyurea and Epoxy concrete coatings. AmVet first came to Tight Line in late 2020 seeking help with their advertising, particularly with television ads. However, after a short amount of time, Tight Line began to assist AmVet’s wider advertising necessities, including their website needs. 

When Tight Line Advertising first began working with AmVet Concrete Coatings the AmVet site was adequate, but it wasn’t really up to the standard that they desired. AmVet was looking for a more aesthetically pleasing, and more user-friendly website that would better serve their current clients as well as help attract new customers. Tight Line had several suggestions to accomplish AmVet’s goals along with overall site improvements on the backend. “When AmVet first asked us to help with their website my team and I saw several opportunities to help them not only with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but with Reputation Management as well,” noted Tight Line Advertising owner Mark Lewis.  

Lewis and his team suggested a more modern style to the site, complete with custom shot slider videos as well as opt-ins for lead capture. Tight Line sought to provide AmVet with an attractive, mobile-friendly site that would allow the AmVet sales team to capture contact information from prospective customers. Through these website-focused efforts, AmVet’s team would be supplied and empowered with new tools to find new customers who were in need of concrete resurfacing at their homes or business.    

Tight Line also proposed their Review Request Respond (R3) approach for garnering more reviews on places like Google, Facebook, and Better Business Bureau. According to Tight Line Website Developer Dmitriy Pi, “Reviews are vital to the success of a business’s online presence. They not only build trust with customers, but also increase your SEO ranking on Google, Bing, and other search engines”. Tight Line baked their Review Request Respond system into the AmVet site by creating a page that would pull top reviews, from past AmVet clients, on places like Google and Facebook and post them on AmVet’s site. Tight Line also set up an automated review system that would allow AmVet to solicit reviews from clients by utilizing review requests sent out via emails and texts. Recent AmVet clients are sent invitations encouraging them to review the work that AmVet has performed for them. The invitation includes links to Google, Facebook, and other review sites making it easy for customers to not only rate the work but also give feedback about the project. In addition, once someone leaves a review automatically responds to the customer thanking them for their positive review or seeking to facilitate further discussion and feedback for negative reviews. Each time a review is left for AmVet the owners are alerted and given an opportunity to also leave a personal response in addition to the automated response if they choose. “It’s this R3 System that has allowed many of our Tight Line clients to see huge growth in positive reviews and obtaining more positive reviews is a huge help for SEO”, Lewis said regarding Tight Line’s review management efforts for various clients. 

Tight Line also created a custom landing page for Google Pay-Per-Click ads. The pay-per-click ads on Google, combined with AmVet’s television advertising, help to create a well-rounded advertising campaign for the concrete coatings company and help to ensure that as many potential customers are reached as possible. When combined with the revitalization and additions made to the AmVet Concrete Coatings website a powerful advertising synergy has been created to help AmVet stay ahead of its competition. 

One other detail to note with regard to AmVet’s site is that it is now hosted on a premier Managed Hosting Platform. The hosting platform that is being employed continually checks for WordPress plugin updates and when it finds them it routinely performs the necessary updates to help ensure that AmVet’s website is operating optimally and remains secure. 

Both AmVet and Tight Line are extremely pleased with not the only website that has been created, but also the partnership as a whole. “It’s been great working with Mark Huseman and the AmVet team. We look forward to a great partnership for years to come,” mentioned Mark.

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