Avoid These Video Production Mistakes


Professional video production aims at one thing: telling a coherent, easy to follow story with great simplicity. You want a strong, powerful video to convey your messages efficiently and effectively.

You need the skills and creativity to tell the right story, communicate it in a unique way, and produce desired results. When it comes to Melbourne Fl video production, you need to avoid some basic common mistakes.

Lack of Preparation

Your presentation must build strong confidence in your audience. Once you’ve put the time in and written a good script for your video, you need to focus on preparation. You want to avoid just cramming everything into the script. It’s imperative to drive the main points and important elements home in your message. Aim your efforts on message structure to facilitate content building during the presentation.

Go through your script as you imbibe the message, picking out the main points. Sound as natural and smooth as possible; and assume you are before the audience itself. The preparation phase is one of the most important elements of producing a video, as it can lay down the framework for the rest of the process.

Dull Script/Storyline

Video is a very powerful medium to help you connect to your audience. However, if your script and concept is dull, it may end up backfiring. A great script is fast, and informative. People value their time, and you only have a couple seconds to capture their attention. It’s important to know that your audience is important, and you need to appeal to their desires and needs.

Poor Video/Sound Quality

Imagine a video with great quality, but poor audio? Or a video with stunning audio quality, but pixilated and non-HD video? It’s almost unheard of not to see a movie, video or commercial in todays day and age in High Definition (HD) shooting, whether its 720p, 1080i or 1080i.

Even exceptional videos with high-tech special effects cannot save a video production from poor video and sound quality. An option for quality sound is a Lavalier Microphones, otherwise known as a clip mic. It possesses the ability to cut out unwanted surrounding noises.

Video Is Too Lengthy

Sometimes less is more. You may feel the urge to pack your video with a bunch of information, but remember that you need to be concise and keep it simple. This is why script writing is so essential. Think of video production as a movie trailer — it needs to entice your audience and capture their interest in your product or service and make them want more.

Recently, many companies have generated consumer interest in video marketing — but you need to consult a professional video production company such as Tight Line Productions before outlining a video marketing plan.

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