Clean Up Your Website With These Maintenance Tips


In order to have a competitive online presence, you need more than just a website.

Internet marketing has a lot of competition and you should therefore take the necessary steps required to make your website standout from the rest.

You can easily seek the services of a Melbourne Fl web designer for the required experience and expertise to transform your website so you gain the edge over your competition.

Web design experts have mastered the techniques that are required to clean up your website in a way that attracts everyone who visits the page.

Integrate A Frequently Updated Blog

This is a very useful resource for your clients and it can be utilized to communicate with your visitors. Your blog is ideal for providing updates regarding your business, new products, offers or discounts that your business is offering. It also alerts Google that you’re posting fresh, relevant content which boosts your SEO rankings.

Ideally, the more blogging you do, the higher organic traffic you’ll receive. Blogging is definitely a must, and we recommend using the WordPress platform.

Incorporate A Testimonials Page

It’s important that you collect reviews and comments from clients as this information helps establish your credibility. You can use the feedback received to make the necessary changes that your clients recommend and thereafter improve your business/services.

When posting the testimonials on your website, you need to keep them short and precise so that visitors can be able to go through them all. Remember to change them frequently so as to create the impression that you have a large clientele.

Add New Images Frequently

All websites should have a decent amount of imagery in order to be visually attractive. The type of business will of course determine the amount of images posted; but all in all, images tend to improve the look of your website. The photos should be of high definition in terms of clarity and it’s advisable to change them every now and then so as to make the website vibrant.

Minor Website Changes

It’s important to spice up your website every now and then so as to improve the functionality of it. Users visiting a website that appears the same tend to get bored easily and they may start looking for alternatives.

Remember that the key to online business success lies in the impression that people have regarding your business. Updating your website on a regular basis creates the impression that your business is very busy and this gives people confidence to do business with you, and lowers your bounce rate.

Social Media

The icing on the cake is ensuring that you have an appealing social media marketing strategy that keeps you in constant communication with your customers. The experts at Tight Line Productions have the tools, staff and expertise in monitoring your social media accounts, and incorporating them with your website.

Your social media accounts should be designed to engage your users in various social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter) which have all been linked back to your website. This is a very unique form of advertising and brand creation since it keeps your website relevant even as people are socializing.

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