Essential Building Blocks Of A Good Web Design


When looking for a website design Melbourne Fl, many people want design solutions that will give them an attractive site with colorful scheme. However, effective web designing is not just about the look of a website. It entails functionality, usability and the entire structure of the website. Knowing the building blocks of a website is the first step in designing an effective website.

Easy to use

This is a very important element of a good website design. Visitors should be able to navigate to different pages of your website with ease. They should be able to find information that they want on your website with ease. A good website should not be hard for users to navigate such that they end up leaving it frustrated when they do not find the information they are looking for. In addition, spiders of the search engine should also be able to navigate your website.

Catchy and easy to read

A good web design should entail catchy headings and easy-to-read text. Making a website easy to read entails more than just using black texts. You need to choose the right font sizes and background as well. A website that has a design that entails easy to read fonts and an attractive background is likely to receive more visitors. Therefore, when choosing colors for your website, consider light background and dark text.

Good structure

A good structure is a very important aspect of web design that providers should always consider. It entails the platform that is used in presenting website content. Coding options such as CSS, PHP or HTML can be used on a web design. A web design can also use Joomla or WordPress. Code used is a major issue when it comes to SEO and the web design structure. Websites that load faster are favored by the search engines and this affects SEO rankings.

W3C Markup Validation can help you in dealing with this. This tool combs up a website for mistakes to fix problems that might be affecting a website enabling it to perform better. Nevertheless, search engines are able to navigate a well-structured website with ease.


Functionality is a very significant aspect of an effective web design. A good website should allow easy interaction. For instance, internet users should be able to leave a comment on your blog after visiting. In some forums, visitors want a site that allows them to move flawlessly from posting a comment to reading their post. If such functionalities are not working properly, SEO can be affected and eventually visitors to a site will reduce. Generally, when visitors are frustrated severally after visiting a website they will look for an alternative website.

Among the aspects of functionality on a website include:

  • Easy finding of content using a search function
  • Downloadable content that is easy to access
  • Well-established links

Google’s webmaster tool crawls different websites looking for incorrect or broken links that are not working and various issues that may affect a site’s functionality.

In a nutshell, web design is not just about the look of a website. It entails functionality, readability, ease of use as well as the coding used on a website. When these elements are adhered to by a provider of website design services, the final product is a successful website that internet users love visiting and spending time as they read its content.

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